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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Woonerfing In An Earth-Toned New Year: What's Hot and What's Not in 2017

Trash truck on fire

Has 2016 got you down? After a year that felt a lot like this, we're all ready to see what a new year will look like. So once again, this filthy "web log" is offering its totally original "In/Out List" for 2017. Take heed, or prepare to "graduate" to Ashburn, where particleboard is always "in" and the parking is (still) free, the end.

Reston's Seven PrinciplesElitism
Road dietsTraffic circles
High-rise mauvescrapersHigh-rise schools
Silver LineScrapping the Silver Line
CGI granniesCGI dealmakers
Free parkingDubious smartphone apps
AirBnBTiny studio apartments
Cougars at JacksonsBobcats everywhere else
ParallelogramsWavy architectural adornments
Long waits for traffic improvementsNo wait for new taxes
to pay for them
Community outreachCrisis management
Unsuccessful court challengesUnchecked development
through regular channels
Lake HouseLeak House
Trojan horsesSpillway art

Peeping tom

Same, CGI Granny. SAME.

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  1. On the larger-than-Reston scale:

    Hope and change

    Dope and strange


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