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Monday, April 18, 2016

Lake Anne's Trojan Horse Returns

Trojan Horse

This wooden interloper mysteriously appeared at Lake Anne Plaza a week or so back, as if it fell from outer space. With its wooden construction and natural finish designed to blend into its DRB-enforced surroundings, it's a lovely addition to the concrete skull-crackin' fun available for kids of all ages at the Plaza. Or is it?

They (and we all know who they are) would have us believe that this play statue, the product of artist Marco Rando, is a tribute to an original wooden horse created by sculptor Gonzalo Fonseca, a picture of which is depicted below.

Original horse

Awww, cute. Of course, that's what they (and we all know that they have been around since the dawn of time, not just the creation of a milquetoast planned community in the 1960s) would have wanted people to believe back then too. What is the real meaning of this structure? Was the original horse, long lost to time, discarded after it succeeded in sneaking a bushel's worth of Gulf Oil executives into Reston under the cover of darkness to depose its once and future leader, as has been immortalized in song? And if so, what is the meaning of its mysterious reappearance, decades later, seemingly slouching towards Bethlehem the new brew pub?

For now, we may never know. But the Trojan Horse stands sentinel, watching over us all. Or at least Heron House.


The truth is out there.


  1. It's just a matter of time before some drunk from Lake Anne Brew House decides to try and sodomize the poor beast.

  2. Around September, Thoreau Place Senior Community will have its own humongous alien creatures in the form of enormous construction cranes up on the roof tearing up both of the courtyards in the building atrium.
    This is just the beginning of the proposed $5 million dollar boondoggle which we believe has the potential to bankrupt the condo association and individual residents.
    Among other outrageous proposed projects there, residents' front doors, walls, and windows will be ripped out and replaced with much more expensive walls, windows, and doors later this summer.
    Most residents there have no idea this is going to happen, because the management company and board of directors haven't sent the residents any information in writing. They have only talked about it in condo meetings, which most residents don't attend.
    Clearly, they have a legal and moral responsibility to keep residents fully informed in writing about such huge disruption to their daily lives and bank accounts. However, we believe the management company and board of directors have totally disregarded their responsibility to keep residents fully informed about such drastic happenings which are planned for our community of older people.
    We hope the local news media will do stories on this to help Thoreau Place residents put a stop to this travesty. We just want Thoreau Place to be the friendly building it's always been, without the dust, destruction, and enormous cost of these totally unnecessary and way too burdensome boondoggles.

    1. So, why don't you post flyers on their doors?

    2. We would like to post flyers on all the doors here, but they would be torn down right away by some apparatchik from management or the board. It's happened before when some residents post "unauthorized" information.

    3. There was a story on Yahoo News this morning about a Canadian company selling bottled fresh air to residents of dust-laden cities in China.
      Because of all the dust and particulate matter that would be generated by all the courtyard destruction and other mega-projects at Thoreau Place, there may be a good business opportunity for someone in Reston to sell bottled fresh air to residents there, especially those who have respiratory difficulties anyway, which many older people have.
      The county health department should look into these proposed mega-projects at Thoreau Place anyway, for the protection of the vulnerable elderly residents who live there.
      They deserve much better treatment from their management company and board of directors. Everyone has the right to breathe clean air.

  3. looks like the sawhorse from the Oz books

  4. So whatever happened to the Fairway Apartments redou by JBG? It was approved, what, four or five years ago?

  5. Same thing that happened to Lake Anne and a couple of other projects that were approved years ago but haven't broken ground. The demand isn't there, and there's more interest in stuff right next to the Metro stations. Doesn't mean it won't happen, but it's not going to happen anytime soon.


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