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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Earth-Toned Shot... And Chaser

Hey, this sounds like a fun way to pass our socially distanced time!

Too bad there's already a winner:

In a completely unrelated development, Confidential Restonian Operative "Joel" shared this exciting photo of what appears to be photos from the Mars Rover with some houses photoshopped in the background move-in day for the first residents of what he calls the Tall Oaks Convenience Center. Welcome to Reston! Good luck, and watch that bumpy ride into Tyvektown the new neighborhood!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Straight Outta Tysons? They See Me Rollin' (In Snarled Traffic), They Hatin'

We could point out that Reston did it first (and has the video to prove it), but to be fair, having this displayed on what presumably is a clothing rack with a prominent price tag in a shopping mall is very On Brand for America's Next Great City Emerald City Paris Tysons, the end.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Reston's Plague Year: Week # Somewhere Between Phase 2 (Not Enough Masks) And Phase 3 (Won't Be Enough Masks)

A legitimate surprise: the Silver Line is now reopening ahead of schedule -- August 16 instead of after Labor Day. No word on whether this campaign from our doppelgänger in Scotland played any role in the fast-track schedule (click to enlarge):

In the meantime, we wouldn't worry about long lines for the replacement bus service:

Predictably, there's been backlash to the peaceful Black Lives Matter protests in Reston a few weeks back. From Lake Newport, a retort scrawled on a piece of art:

And the Reston Unitarian Universalist Church on Wiehle Avenue had its own Black Lives Matter banner stolen over the weekend. (Fun fact for the old-timers: When they first started putting up rainbow pride banners more than a decade ago, someone tried to set them on fire. More than once, too.)

Meanwhile, antifa supersoldiers Reston Strong have found a monument to topple -- the Confederate monument at the old Fairfax Courthouse:

Never forget that Reston's only historical statue of note once found itself vandalized and thrown in the lake.

And then there's the final word:

We're all in.

This drone shot of an empty (and for once, "contamination" free) Water Mine at Lake Fairfax, posted first to Nextdoor, is wild:

The Reston Community Center is reopening in limited fashion early next month, including its indoor pools. And four of Reston's pools will open next week, albeit for lap swimming/water walking only, with reservations required and no one under 8 allowed. And because We Can't Have Nice Things, stand-up paddleboarding is canceled for 2020:

No helicopter, but this week's police news is tragic and (as of now) unexplained.

Roer's Zoofari (formerly the Reston Zoo) has reopened as a self-serve driving/walking tour. Smart way to adapt to a potentially business-destroying threat. And emerging from the pandemic, Kalypso's Sports Tavern is preparing to celebrate 10 years of business -- practically an Ice Age as far as Lake Anne businesses go.

Finally, we'll leave you with An Art, a hidden surprise found in the woods of Reston:

Friday, June 19, 2020

Reston Underpass Art Among World's Top 100, And The Hits Don't Stop 'Til We Get To The Top

During these challenging times, it's important to celebrate what little good news comes our way. That's why it's time to visit Casey Kasem's unmarked grave in Norway and light an earth-toned candle, because Reston is BACK IN THE TOP 100 BABY!

One of the very exciting An Arts scattered around Reston, "Thoreau's Ensemble," was selected by the 2020 CODAawards jury as one of the top 100 finalists in the world for demonstrating "the most successful integration of commissioned art into an interior, architectural, or public space." Alrighty then!

But the hits don't stop 'til we get to the top, which is why Reston needs our help. There can only be one An Art to rule them all, and CODAawards is opening the Top 100 to public voting. Of course, we'd encourage you to vote early and often, but because Restonian Is On Your Side (tm), we'll go one step further and point out some other worthy An Arts from around the world recognized in the Top 100:

Okay, Seattle, but we did the glowy bois on ugly infrastructure thing before it was cool.

Canada trying to cash in, artistically speaking, on Jon and Yoko's famous bed-in for peace. Inspiring, but would be even more so with a view of odd parallelograms out that hotel window.

Sorry, Scottsdale, but even Tysons has used the Fake Bird motif.

The inevitable round of budget cuts means we'll probably get something like this An Art from Shenzhen as our long-awaited pedestrian bridge over Wiehle.

If our ceaseless lobbying had worked, we could have had something even radder than this at our own Metro station. But our loss is exurban Colorado's gain.

Voting continues through the end of August; as of this writing, Thoreau's Ensemble is one of only a handful of An Arts with more than 140 votes. You know what to do, the end.

Monday, June 8, 2020

A Weekend of Peaceful Protest in Reston

It was quite a weekend.

The biggest surprise of all? Reston Town Center allowed protesters to peacefully march through their private property, perhaps in response to some bad PR.

In response, we'll spare everyone the joke that this was the biggest crowd in RTC since the introduction of the iPhone 4.

The Reston zeitgeist, in one photo:

A peaceful, multiracial crowd... and kitties.

More photos here.

Elsewhere in Reston...

And our favorite paramilitary organization was back at it again:

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Corporate Overreactions And Nextdoor Panic: The Reston Riots That Never Were

Quick question for the elite crisis managers at Reston Town Center. Was this:

Absolutely necessary for this?

It's not like Wednesday's Black Lives Matter protesters were allowed to march at RTC, as like lots of the "public" spaces we think are ours to freely navigate it is private property and previous protesters, journalists, and just regular folks have been chased off for far less. Instead the group -- a diverse gathering about 30 strong or so, escorted by several county police officers on bicycles -- marched to Lake Anne Plaza, where despite the myriad temptations, widescale looting of pretzels and artisanal scones and dog treats notably did not happen.

Then folks on Nextdoor heard cars beeping later in the day and freaked out, not realizing it was the South Lakes High School drive-by graduation. (Nice pictures here, by the way.)

To be fair, we did see some serious vandalism in the wake of the march. Look away, ye faint of heart:

Since this is Reston, that last one probably stands for "All Clusters Are Beige." And lord, do we act like it sometimes.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Graduations and Protests: Reston's Plague Year, Week 11 (Updated 6/3)

Photo part of the Public Art Reston #athomechalk project.

South Lakes High School graduates are being celebrated with a drive-by car parade tonight at 7pm. Details here.

Herndon High School seniors got their own surprise last week:

As nationwide protests continue in the wake of the death of George Floyd, lots of information about local events. Today:

If Nextdoor is to be believed, Reston Town Center is acting.... predictably.

Reston Strong is also planning a demonstration on Friday evening.

And there's a Herndon car rally on Thursday.

You can get your daily serving of racist and alarmist commentary about these events on Twitter, but here's a reminder of how these events are interpreted, even here.

Not quite "why was the helicopter circling?" but still pretty dramatic:

Remarkably, still no sign of Michael Delaney, missing since walking out of Reston Hospital Center on May 10. Search teams were out again last weekend, and someone put together a map of all the places that have been searched. Facebook group with more here.

Even as Phase 2 of Virginia's reopening has been delayed, we'll end with this much-discussed response to the first phase, which allowed restaurants to begin outdoor service: