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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Comstock Wiehle Metro Development Public Hearing Today, Unless It's Postponed Again, Plus an Alternate Look at the Reston 'Town Green'

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The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on the awesome, canyon-like Comstock Wiehle Metro station proposal at 4:30 today, unless it's postponed again, and the Acronym-Averse Master Plan Task Force (AAMPTF) will hold a meeting about the area surrounding the station at 7 tonight. So, um, yay "fanciful concrete bollards."


Meanwhile, following last week's discussion of the pristine lands north of Reston's Fake Downtown, please to be enjoying this alternate proposal for preserving green space submitted to the task force subcommittee by Guy Rando. It would provide an "greenway" from the Spectrum development -- and its proposed 1,450 new residential units, assuming the owners of the Washington Nationals can actually win something -- to the proposed civic center and gallery, and would have an amphitheater to host "Shakespeare-in-the-park and music concerts," plus an all-weather, vaguely Habitrail-like walkway from the Reston Parkway Metro station, past the post-apocalyptic ruins of the Macaroni Grill, through the park, and, ultimately, to the Home Depot parking lot. Sweet!

This is actually the first attempt we've seen to provide serious new pedestrian access from the Metro station to the places where people will actually (ugh) live, work and play -- something planners will really need to pay attention to, given the fact that the station is relatively far from the fake downtown and other planned development as it is. Who knows, maybe some fanciful concrete bollards will help out in a pinch.


  1. Given that the two buildings at right angles to each other just north of Sunset Hills and to the west of the proposed walkway are actually used by a three-letter federal agency with heavy security fencing around it - not sure they would allow the walkway to get that close to the buildings (and especially not in the alignment shown, as it would cut across part of their secure parking lot). Has the GSA been involved in any discussions about connecting the new Metro station there with Reston Town Center, given that any such connection will have to skirt this complex?

  2. A kernel of good news among the bad . . . the residents are to be RA members and the Comstock representatives said it last night in front of the BOS and I have confirmed it with one of the RA board.

    Comstock is paying Fairfax County Parks and Rec, Fairfax county for the schools impact . . .Reston Association will receive a certain amount less than $300K for Parks and Rec. Not enough to make the obvious trail changes on Wiehle that will be required to protect pedestrians from the traffic.

    Who is picking up the tab on the intersection changes?

  3. Wop did ding dong do! $300k that's less than 10% of the cost of the Jim Elder full employment center.

    RA probably spends that much on lifeguard swim suits each year.

  4. The "fanciful bollards" frighten me. If they're located in a non-secureable area, I give them six months to be stolen or defaced.


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