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Thursday, March 11, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different: An Open Thread

bull-horn.jpgMy, have there been a lot of comments on this filthy "web log" of late! If you squint hard enough as you read them, you'd think there was a healthy debate about the future of our beloved beige community going on round these here parts. So, instead of taking up time arguing over whether comments are on- or off-topic, we're going to experiment with what other "web loggers" like to call open threads, where any topic is open game. You know, like every other post on this site, except more so.

While we're on the subject of comments, we'll say for the record that we don't want to have a DRB-like Star Chamber that vets comment posts or decides whether they're sufficiently on-topic, in much the same way that that august group checks paint swatches to see if they're sufficiently earth-toned. Aside from the occasional helpful commenter trying to guide people to low-cost offshore pharmacies or gambling opportunities, there's very little in the way of comments that we'll consider deleting. The only times we've felt posters have crossed the line to the point we've actually gone through the incredibly convoluted process of deleting comments (which involves the vintage Commodore 64 that's at the heart of the Restonian World Headquarters mainframe, a pair of pliers and some WD-40) is when they've attacked members of RA staff -- not elected or other semi-public officials. Otherwise, pretty much anything is fair game.

So have at it. But be excellent to each other.


  1. Please vote for me in the upcoming elections. I like Reston. And I have elite sharpening skills. Wait, no, I meant Sharpie(tm) skills. I can draw things, permanently. No, I mean I have an irrational fear of Shar-Pei dogs. Have you seen those things? *brrrr*

    Vote for me. Because I'll make dogs illegal. :D

  2. I really hate the policy about not allowing anyone who is wearing floats into the swimming pool. How are you supposed to learn swimming without floats? Right now, the only way is to take the costly classes.

    I do pay for the costly classes for my kid, but my kid can;t practice with me cuz they won;t let me in. I have to drive all the way to Oakton to the county pool

    On top of that, the Brown Chapel folks stopped the county pool from opening in Reston. Sigh.

  3. Why do people want an indoor rec center for pretty much just tennis and swimming pools? I NEED INDOOR BASKETBALL! Maybe you don't because that's the minority sport. Isn't that part of the same reason you don't want the metro here? Ugh.

    P.S. I heart lakes.

  4. Oh, Jeezus Krust, Jay. You've really gone and done it now. I suggest that if you've got one, you better pull up the drawbridge and put some gators in your moat, or maybe hitch up your Airstream and move to a new campground because the rabid SBC crew will be coming for you with their torches and pitch forks.

  5. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 11, 2010 at 12:23 PM

    BiCO + Robin Smyers = One Hot Baby! Oh yeah!

  6. Jay, the reason for not allowing kids wearing floats into the pool is because they give parents a false sense of security and they don't watch their children as closely as they should. Lots of kids have drowned while wearing them because their parents are not paying enough attention to their children (who don't know how to swim), and the lifeguards can't watch a whole poolful of people and keep an eye on a bunch of non-swimming kids at the same time.

    The no-float rule has been in effect everywhere I have ever lived, and is by no means unique to Reston. It's become an insurance issue, I think. I don't know anyone who learned to swim using floats- we all had to learn the old-fashioned way.

    I don't understand why you can't swim at the RCC pool? Why do you have to drive to Oakton to swim at an indoor pool?

  7. BiCO, you're better off remaining gay. Really.

  8. ouch. As one of those rabid SBC folks I can only say that I love indoor swimming, indoor tennis, bingo and everything else. I also love parks. Can't we put indoor swimming and indoor tennis on existing hardscape? That seems to be the process that is going forward with indoor tennis and I have kept my pitchfork and all my crazy speaking up at public meetings in check. But the next time another board decides to raise their hands and vote away $50,000 dollars on a concept plan to bulldoze a park maybe they will think twice.

  9. I saw a bald eagle over the corner of South Lakes and Colts Neck this morning.

  10. So, we can't "talk" about quarter-million-dollar milty matthews anymore?

    And BiCO is gonna be a breeder?

  11. BiCO --- you are one crazy dude :)

    Before you bed down with robin hood,

    Can we meet for a cup of coffee sometime? My treat!

  12. That was no bald eagle over the Gulag. That was my bald head waiting for the 551.

  13. If you vote for someone else don't blame me if your annual assessment goes up.

    If you vote for the RA, Chew, Hudgins three: David Robinson, Kevin Danaher, and Mike Collins expect it to go up a lot.

    Cathy Hudgins didn't want Reston to be a town and now seems to want it to be a mess. Having stifled any Lake Ann Plaza renovation with numerous meetings and studies that never went anywhere. She now seems working on stifling the Reston Master Plan using the very same tactic.

    When the Metro gets here there won't be any way to get to it. The bus routs are canceled and there won't be a place to park.

  14. I think it would have been nice to discuss a new Rec facility but the SBC put a very effective end to that with their oh so slick advertising piece, (in which they illegally used a Joni Mitchell track, but hey I guess their higher moral ground made that little omission ok!)So, no debate for us common folk to the South of Barron Cameron, the North Reston folks knew all the right people. I wonder what else they'll be able to decide for the rest of us?

  15. Anon 12:51 The PPAC recommendation follows your thought of building on hardscape, i.e., converting Lake Newport pool (because its the only 50 meter pool that RA owns) to an indoor facility but with retractable roof and walls to make it open in summer. The only problem is that its gonna cost big coin.

    Better to get an indoor pool, basketball and weight room proffered by Comstock or other developer around a Metro. They could put it in a walkout basement or on the first floor.

  16. Anon 2:30 A nice idea will we be allowed to discuss this concept?

  17. Anon 2:43,

    Is this some jibe at the SBC?

    There was discussion regarding the Brown's Chapel site. It was pretty resoundingly disapproved of.
    $90 million facility. $1 million Projected operating loss yearly paid for entirely by Reston residents. Built on park land and historic building.
    What's not to love?

    Now a rec center built as part of the Whiele ave metro/ Comstock redevelopment?

    What a great idea to discuss:
    How much will it cost?
    Who will pay for it?
    Where will it be built?

  18. Anybody know what's going on with the grocery store that's due to open in Tall Oaks Shopping Center?

  19. Simple, HKCD. Make Comstock pay for it and let them pass on the cost in the price of their apartments. Then, they can pass along the monthly operating loss of the facility to the leasees of their retail and office space.

    The question, who's going to run the place? RCC? FCPR?

    I still like the idea of just paying the YMCA to greatly expand their facility. At least they still have several bus lines running in front of it and easy access to a couple of major thoroughfares and will be reasonably close to a Metro stop.

  20. Wondering what people thought Reston becoming a City so that it would have a real government with elected officials. Pros I guess is real representation with stricture voting/electoral procedures, and maybe more political pull within the county/state? Cons = more taxes for the various city services that would be taken on? I'm clueless about municipal gov't so would love to hear thoughts.

  21. mopeds for everyone in Reston, with permission to use certain RA paths during rush hours to/from the metro stations...

  22. Kriminy, DVD, not only should Reston become a city, but all of Northern Virginia should secede from the Commonwealth. Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William County should band together as one state entity separate from the rest of the Commonwealth. If we did that, we would have all of the tax monies we need to fully fund all of our operations -- and even at the existing tax rate.

  23. Convict, wasn't there some fuss about doing that when they carved WWa outa' VA?

  24. Scubadiver, I think that was called "slavery."

  25. I like the moped idea, but don't like the city/town idea except it would give us a whole new group to complain about, maybe we'd even end up with some Marion Barry type escapades, just think of the fodder for this blog!

  26. What is the benefit to being a town as opposed to keeping the status quo?

  27. If we were a town, we would be in control of our own zoning. And if you think that's meaningless, wait until the task force cranks up the dwelling units/acre all over town.

  28. dvdmon said...
    Wondering what people thought Reston becoming a City so that it would have a real government with elected officials. Pros I guess is real representation with stricture voting/electoral procedures, and maybe more political pull within the county/state? Cons = more taxes for the various city services that would be taken on? I'm clueless about municipal gov't so would love to hear thoughts.

    dvd mom, Mike Corrigan who lead Reston Citizens Association in the effort to make Reston a Virginia town (not a City if it were it would be the Fourteenth largest in Virginia)and for which I along with the entire board were named citizen of the year by the old local newspaper the Reston Times was for Reston being a Virginia town which like Vienna and Herndon would use Fairfax County police and fire and schools and libraries and would be no more expensive (according to the papers we had drawn up). It would of put Reston Community Center and the Reston Association under one roof.

    Despite the fact that we had 5,000 signatures Ken Plum and Cathy Huggins turned their back on the people of Reston and gave us no voice in the development of Reston or the master plan as it is called.

    Herndon had a voice at the table on such issues as the tole and Metro Reston did not.

    Why dose Reston continue to elect Cathy Hudgins, who was endorsed by the Fairfax Times despite her as it said not listening to the people? I can only think that there is no good reporting of the news in Reston which is why I for one am pushing so hard for two way communication in Reston as opposed to one way bureaucratic communication from just RA.

    Freedom of the press is so essential. Think if we did not have the Restonian how in the dark we would all be.

  29. Rod, the only way Cathy Hudgins will ever be defeated here in the ultra-blue Hunter Mill district is if there is a strong candidate who either A) defeats her in a Democratic primary, or B)runs against her as an independent in a race with no Republican alternative. Otherwise, we're stuck with her for as long as she wants the seat.

  30. HCKD & Convict - a proffered rec center would be built at the developer's cost and dedicated/given to Small Tax District #5, the Park Authority, the County even RA. It could be done by a 99 year lease, or creating a condominium of the building. That receiving party would then be responsible for operational expenses which could be covered by a combination of user fees and taxes/assessments.

    This is a more practical way to address the recreational needs of the residents of the redevelopment and Reston than expecting to have 25% of the land area reserved for open space covered with white pine. Anyone travel Reston roads this winter can see how swell that turned out.

  31. Hi Rod: What was the text on those fliers you were putting on the cars at North Point Shopping Center earlier this week? FYI the internet adds poundage cuz you are a slim dude in person! The End.

  32. Let’s cut out the waste –Two way communication-Allow Volunteering
    Hello, I’m Rod Koozmin candidate for the RA
    I was at a meeting the other night that had about twenty people. The Reston Association had staff there bringing in catered cakes and cookies and large containers full of coffee most of which was later thrown away. A staff person -recorded on a expensive camera a rambling talk about the Reston Master Plan that no one will ever watch again. How many citizens would rather pay less dues and have everyone bring their own coffee?

    Today if you buy a toaster at Best Buy you could go home and make a comment about it on line. Why can’t citizens comment on the Reston Association? Even though the Reston Association spends a million and a half dollars on computers and communication you can’t comment on anything to the board or to other citizens. Without this two way communication, the board often goes in directions the opposite of the majority of the citizens. Let’s open up lines of communication and be a better and closer community.

    Let’s have the opportunity to have more citizens volunteering at a higher level. A lot of citizens came out to volunteer to shovel snow out at schools during the recent snowstorms. Some citizens would volunteer to run front end loaders and with training could help with this and other tasks for fun and to help the community. Let’s make the RA allow this.
    703 945 0171 Sharpeningman@yahoo.

  33. I wanted to hug a tree in Snakeden Branch Valley today, . . .

    ...but there weren't any.

  34. I'd like to propose the kick bike instead of mopeds. I got one this week after reading about it just this weekend. Google kickbikes or click on my photo then to the blog to see a photo of one. You can just sort of glide along and sort of soar. It's great exercise without the pounding associated with jogging. They will become very popular here but now I've got the only one in town. It's fun to turn heads. I keep it in the back of the car and go for a spin whenever the mood hits me as it's smaller then a bicycle. I've started a face book for it Kickbikes of Reston. I got mine from Kickbikes of America it was $189 with three day shipping!/group.php?gid=353810474439

  35. dvdmom & others - a town in Va is still part of the County, so folks in Herndon and Vienna pay county and town taxes. That would be more.

    But when you add County taxes to STD #5 taxes and RA assessments, not much more than we pay in Reston.

    A Va. city is independent of counties, so homeowners in the City of Fairfax or Falls Church pay only city taxes. That could be less than the total of County, STD #5 and RA assessments.

    Fairfax City has a contract for FCPS to run its schools and controls some of the personnel decisions at Fairfax High. The city controls their zoning and police. Parts of Tysons actually pay Falls Church for their public water service.

    So should Reston be a town or a city? Answer: Reston should have been a city 20 years ago. It would take an act of the General Assembly. Should this be an issue in next year's elections for State Senate, House and Supervisor? Answer: What the hell took you all so long.

    Maybe SBC should be working that angle. So we can have RA's pools, tennis and trails and the RCC facilities taken over by a city that taxes all the offices and shopping centers and radically reduces or eliminates RA assessments and STD taxes.

    The "City of Reston" is a useful issue worth exploring.

    Not only am I tired of paying for an RCC that the neighbors of Oakmar and South Run get without a surcharge. I tired of dealing with traffic to office buildings that keep Oakton's, Mason Neck's and Great Fall's tax bills artificially low. God knows I tired of sending tax money to Richmond and have lousy roads, schools and universities for my nickel.

    Lets start with autonomy from a County that treats Restonians like fools.

    A city charter for Reston!

  36. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 11, 2010 at 10:31 PM

    Anonymous @ 12:49: Well, thankfully I can report that I am now happily coupled to a ragamuffin from the hinterlands of Chantilly, so if Robin Smyers wants a chance with my famed goods she'll have to convince my partner to let her join in! ;-)

    Anonymous @ 1:10 PM: My DNA all over Reston's women? Ladies, lock up your daughters! Groowwll!

    Anonymous @ 1:12 PM: I have too much natural energy to drink coffee, but I've been meaning to try a Robek's smoothie since I've moved here.

    In other news?

    1.) I apparently have a stalker from either this or one other forum to which I formerly belonged who followed me onto another web site to slam my own negative review of my apartment community with a personal attack. Someone also created a "fabulous" alter ego of me on Facebook. It feels amazing to be so popular!

    2.) I scurried into the Northpoint Giant earlier this afternoon on my way home from the office in Tegucigalpa/Tysons, and who did I bump into other than our very own Rod! I introduced myself to him, and he seemed terrified of me! The fact that a scrawny oaf like me could actually intimidate someone just landed him my vote! :-D Yeahhh!!!

    3.) What am I still doing up when I need to wake up at 4:45 AM for the grind? UGH! Someone pin me down to my bed already!

  37. Anon 10:08

    'Lousy Universities?'

    WTF, you are seriously full of it. UVA, GMU, JMU, WM, MW, VCU, VT lousy?!!!

    There is not another state in the union with universities as good as VA universities.

    I hate hat that teabagger anti-government bullshit.

    Taxes are not evil, Taxes are services that you pay for. Want good services? pay more tax.

    The alternative is some anarcho-libertarian shithole like Colorado Springs.

  38. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 11, 2010 at 11:17 PM

    Anonymous @ 11:07 PM needs a hug!

  39. Anon 11:07 needs a dose of reality

    Yeah, totally crappy universities and almost any state you can name does better:

    The following are published in US News Ultimate College Directory based on reports required to be filed by each university with the U.S. Dept of Education.

    VCU 4 yr graduation rate = 19%

    VTECh 43%

    GMU 26%

    ODU 17%

    CNU 12%

    VSU 10%

    Norfolk State 10%

    Radford 34%

    Longwood 39%

    National average 60%

    Only 4 Va public colleges beat the national average UVA, JMU, UMW & WM.

    But combined they don't have enough seats to handle the vast majority of the 15,000 FFX high school seniors who are more than qualified to handle the course load at any of those 4 schools. So FFX kids are left to pick among crappy universities.

    Your tax dollars in action.

    Pa has 20+ public universities. NC a similar number. Va 15?.

    Yeah, Va has a lousy university system.

  40. huh. So value of a given state's university system is based on... the 4-year graduation rate of all its colleges, minus the top 4. Interesting.

    And if, as you say, most of the kids in FFX county are capable of doing well at one of those top schools, and are instead forced to attend one of the others, wouldn't the logical conclusion be that the graduation rates at those schools would be driven up as a result of the influx of superior students?

    Let me guess, you didn't get into one of those top 4.

  41. I did indeed meet and spoke briefly to Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO) who I noticed left the store after only buying a bouquet of red roses. Men as a rule always buy red roses but it is not actually the favorite color that women prefer. Anyway I wonder how it all worked out.

  42. Anonymous said...
    Rod, the only way Cathy Hudgins will ever be defeated here in the ultra-blue Hunter Mill district is if there is a strong candidate who either A) defeats her in a Democratic primary, or B)runs against her as an independent in a race with no Republican alternative. Otherwise, we're stuck with her for as long as she wants the seat.

    I will not accept that

  43. One of the greatest potentials for recreation and helping the Reston association budget wise is Citizen volunteering. I participated in the recent Reston shovel out and in the past remember our parents volunteering at the Terraset Elementry School. The Terraset Elementry School had become over run with weeds and we parents rolled up our sleeves and cleaned the place up. It gave all of us a great feeling maybe kind of like community barn risings of old.

    I'm not speaking of the pick of volunteering the Reston association usually emphasizes. I think citizens could with training pretty much do everything in Reston and would like to mostly for the fun of it.

    Some may not like to go cut down a tree or use a front end loader for the fun of it but I believe there are plenty of people who would and it would make Reston a better closer community.

    Once a friend moved and gave me their old lawn tractor which they no longer used. I brought it over to my little place here in Reston but there just wasn't much to cut though I tried to cut the neighbors for a while. I tried to volunteer to mow the Reston property but there was just no concept of greater citizen volunteering at RA and my request to help mow fell on deaf ears.

    I was intrigued by a citizen who brought a bob cat to the recent shovel out.Another brought his own snow thrower. How much more potential might there might be for citizen volenteering how might it help Reston lower the annual dues? And it would be fun!

    -Rod Koozmin
    Candidate for the RA

  44. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 12, 2010 at 6:22 AM

    @ Mr. Koozmin: Actually, the red roses weren't for my new beau. I have endured some bouts of severe depression and even a suicide attempt in recent months over some terrible things that had been done to me by people whom I thought I could trust, let alone my own mounting disappointment with Reston's lack of urbanity, and while most of my friends abandoned me, likely thinking "I don't want to have to deal with crazy", one young woman about a decade my senior in my life in particular stood out as loyal---caring more about my well-being and stability than her own perception to others for sticking by my side. I bought her a DVD game she had mentioned she had wanted along with those red roses and showed up, unannounced (well, other than asking her to buzz me into her gate at her complex), and poured my heart out to her about how special of a person she was to me. TRUE friends will stick by your side through thick and thin. She exemplified that, and the tears welling up in her eyes as we embraced made me feel good that I had let her know how appreciated she was for doing the RIGHT thing. I'm the type of person who likes to recognize good deeds and make sure the person knows that they can and SHOULD be rewarded somehow for going above and beyond their call of duty. I'm receiving treatment now for my severe suicidal tendencies, and finally having someone drill into me a sense of "you're as good of a person as anyone else" and "sometimes bad things happen to good people" has made a breakthrough for me. Finally finding someone with problems of his own who now wants to be there for me as well after I helped him immensely with his own issues is just icing on the cake. Now if only I could convince Archstone that it's not "polite" to jack up people's monthly rents nearly 20% in a recession and without making any noticeable improvements to their deteriorating property I'd be all set!

  45. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 12, 2010 at 6:31 AM

    In regards to the commentary regarding the Commonwealth's universities let me just say as a financial professional who recently graduated from a regarded private business school in Pennsylvania and works beside colleagues who are products from Virginia's PUBLIC universities I would feel confident in their capabilities ANYDAY! I am interested in enrolling myself at GMU next Fall for my MBA (and potentially Ph.D. after that), and I couldn't be more pleased with my decision. Why, pray tell? I'll be getting just as efficient and respected of a graduate education at GMU for a fraction of what I paid for my undergraduate schooling at a private PA university. What do you call the CPA who graduated from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania vs. the CPA who graduated from GMU or the Byrd School of Business at Shenandoah University? A CPA. What do you call the person who scored 80% on all four parts of the CPA exam AND the person who scored 98% on all four parts of the CPA exam? A CPA. Pennsylvania may have more universities, but it is also a MUCH larger state (6th most populous in the U.S.) with two cities much larger than any other city in Virginia (well, technically Virginia Beach is larger than Pittsburgh, but it is decidedly much less sophisticated and urbane). Out of my peers the ones whom I truly tip my hat to are those who started off with two years at a community college, transferred to a state school, and are now pursuing graduate work at another state school. They'll have their MBA for a fraction of what mine ultimately cost, and I'll still be paying off student loans while they're using that cash to save for a down payment on an over-priced $400,000 townhome in Reston.

  46. Anon 2:47 The point is that FFX families pay most of the taxes for the Commonwealth. FFX families highly value college education. Yet, the General Assembly can't provide enough resources to have enough public universities with enough professors, classrooms and dorms to enable the majority of the incoming freshman to graduate, and graduate on time. Instead, the General Assembly built so many prison cells that we have one empty prison that will be rented out to other states and another one still under construction.

    Oh, I graduated in 4 years from a private university, out of state, with a graduation rate higher than the highest in Va.

    Let me guess, you graduated from one of the 4 schools with high graduation rates. If so, you and your parents got a winning ticket in the lottery of life. You'd think such good fortune would result a better vocabulary.

  47. Hi Broke, I hope it's OK to use the first name now that we've meet, I know a man here in Reston who is regularly curing depression (there is a relation between suicide and depression) by urging people to clap their hands and say "God is Good" then, "I am Good." The good thing,besides actually working, is it doesn't cost very much. Then too there something about older women, particularly at your age that can be very valuable.

  48. Bico - Va 8 million people. Pa 12 million. Va has a higher fraction of its population in the high school and college age brackets. And we saw this coming 16 years ago.

    NC is smaller than VA, yet has better graduation rates and allows a smaller percentage of out of state students, thus more seats for in state students than Va.

  49. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 12, 2010 at 7:37 AM

    Rod: Actually, my Christian faith was the one thing that kept me from ending it all. I actually had a knife probing my torso trying to figure out where I could inflict the most damage with the least amount of pain. That's how close I came. I then thought that God gave me life for a reason, and perhaps he was also "testing" me with all of my recent adversities for a reason; wouldn't I have been selfish for spoiling what may have been a larger master plan he had for me? I haven't been to my church more than just once or twice so far in 2010 because I'm worried I'll get a barrage of people prying into my life and/or judging me for not having been around or involved for so long. Therapy WORKS. Faith WORKS. If it wasn't for my spirituality I would be dead right now after what I had to endure in January and all the pain I had to cry out for hours on end day after day. I wouldn't wish what I had gone through upon anyone---not even my own worst enemy. Severe depression cannibalizes you from the inside out; it makes you feel worthless and that society would be better off if you were no longer around. Part of the reason I've begun to seek housing outside of Reston is to get a fresh start somewhere that I'll actually feel like I can belong.

    Anonymous @ 7:12 AM: Virginia is also much better at RETAINING its youth than Pennsylvania, which I believe has the worst "Brain Drain" in the nation right now. I'm a native of the Scranton area (about 2 hours NW of NYC or Philly), and I can count the number of high school classmates who went to college and plan to STAY in the area on one hand. Isn't that sad? What good are great universities if they just churn out hordes of brilliant young minds who continue to take their talents elsewhere? At least in Virginia I know many natives around my age (early-20s) who want to stay here to raise their families and open their own businesses (thus creating MORE opportunity for future graduates). I've met dozens of people from Reston who are originally from Pennsylvania---many of whom are also economic refugees from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Metropolitan Area. Hell, 3 of the 4 guys I've dated since moving here early in 2009 are from PA. A strong school systems benefits the state very little if the "finished products" all high-tail it out. With all of the universities it has PA could be the most progressive state in the nation right now. Instead it is one of the most aging and most socially regressive I can think of north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

  50. I'm sorry to read about your bout of depression and flirtations with suicide, BiCO. I may dog you for some of your values and even chide you about getting the hell out of Dodge but, in the end, I'm still glad that you're around. I hope that life continues to improve for you.

  51. Bico - when FFX kids go out of state to college, they don't come back and FFX employers have to import commuters from Harrisburg, Martinsburg & Hagerstown.

    Yes, the de-industrialization of many parts of Pa has caused many young Keystoners to leave home. But without Pa.'s long standing and intense support for public higher education, those loss would be greatly magnified.

    Across the Commonwealth of PA entire campuses are being rebuilt, like Slippery Rock, Shippensburg & IUP. A state with an aging population realizes its future lies in college education, even as its job base shrinks.

    In contrast, Va's commitment to higher education is very late, historically, and paltry.

    Instead of full college classrooms, Va builds empty prisons with FFX's tax money.

  52. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonMarch 12, 2010 at 11:20 AM


    I'd like to second the sentiments voiced by Convict. Most or all of us who are regulars on Restonian do, I suspect, enjoy what you add to the discussion, even if we do throw some zingers your way or sometimes get exasperated ("Oh God, BiCO's on the warpath again about streetlights and sidewalks"). I think I can speak for this on-line 'family' when I say that we all wish you the best in finding whatever it is you are looking for in life, and equally important, enjoying the journey to that destination.

  53. BiCO,

    I am not sure an anon poster is allowed to be an assumptive member of the on-line Restonian family - but as a long time reader, rare poster - I can only say that my heart goes out to you. I hope that you continue to reach out on dark days. take care.

  54. Broke, God knows living in Reston can be depressing but we are told will never try you more then you can bear. Meanwhile perhaps because of my visibility (has anyone noticed that I am the only real person on this blog that can actually be contacted; in person by cell phone and by email)I have had several women contact me wanting to get in contact with me believing that I have some way to get in touch with you. What should I do with those names?

    Other people either believe I am the Restonian only using misspelling and poorer writing to maintain an alisis or have some special way to contact the Restonian. Neither is true. -Rod

  55. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 12, 2010 at 2:01 PM

    Thanks for the support, everyone. I'm feeling much better now. What had ailed me has nearly been eradicated fully from my system, and I've arisen even stronger than ever before as a person.

    On another note I have decided to stay in Reston (cue the blend of clapping hands and "Awww...shucks! Thought we were rid of him!") I am not renewing my lease, but I have become very interested in moving to The Sycamores, Colvin Woods, or Waterside, all of which are priced below my current apartment and all of which seem to have more content residents. The final clincher for me was having to endure a neighbor's car alarm going off this morning every five minutes or so for what seemed like hours on end in addition to frequently having to listen to neighbors yelling outdoors at night in Spanish or walking barking dogs directly in front of your window. I understand apartment-style living is noisy, but seriously? Are people just that RUDE all over Reston?! From the reviews I've read online Colvin Woods sounds just as bad, but I do like their floorplans so I'm giving them a shot to "wow" me. The Sycamores and Waterside both seem much better than where I live now.

  56. I wanted to propose that annual assessment be reduced and that those who want fully catered goodies provided at events they do not attend and vidio taped by expert Reston employees have a option to include as their own special option! Also those who want a Executive Director (dressed in Brooks Brothers suits) paid $180,000 would also have the option to opt to provide funds for that. In this way the New Reston everyone will be totally happy and get what they want!

  57. Rod, does the $1,000,000.00 RA web site and $300,000.00 per year attorney go with the "fully catered goodies"?

  58. As I head out the door to campaign at Fox Mill (and then later at other point around Reston) I am wondering if this blog might be the product of just one or maybe two people with multiple personality disorder(s)? How would we know, how could we prove or diaprove it? I'll be thinking about that. You think about that and let me know.

  59. So, did we miss anything here?

    A couple of quick points, for anyone keeping score at home:

    1) We've never deleted any comment pertaining to Milt Matthews. As the head and public face of an organization we all pay assessment dollars to, he's fair game to our thinking. The comments we've axed have involved crude or unfair comments about behind-the-scenes staff members.

    2) We're also not Rod, and Rod's not us. We're happy to have him commenting on this filthy "web log" and would encourage others to do the same, but there's no special collusion going on there. Though we think kick bikes are pretty awesome.

    3) BiCO -- Our heart goes out to you. Do what you can to be better. Be happy.

  60. As I posted yesterday morning in the 119-comment long thread on the upcoming elections:

    "I'm now waiting to see if we all get a postcard from the RA reminding us to vote, a mailing that will cost a couple of thousand dollars in postage alone."

    Ask and ye shall receive; said postcard arrived in the mail today. Hooray, more of our RA dues down the drain, because of course we're all too stupid to remember to vote in the RA election.

  61. No, it's not an election; more like my old high school's senior class president selection process. RA is a homeowner's association right? Our cluster does a better job selecting the needed board volunteers; a lot cheaper, and more rational to boot.

  62. Announcement: I herby announce my solemn pledge not to appear ever at the Sheraton if victorious in the election at any kind of election celebration. I call on all candidates to similarly announce a pledge to not appear so that if there is any possibility ( or even if there is not to set a example for the future) to not spend Reston funds.

    Any citizen if I am victorious wishing to celebrate or talk to me is welcome at my cul-de-sac during the day light hours at the scheduled date for the Sheraton event. - Rod Koozmin, candidate for the RA at large seat

  63. RA is hosting a question and answer candidates' forum. Usually these events are hosted by neutral parties. RA is not neutral. We saw with the email sent out by Milton Matthews listing RAs preferred slate of candidates and with Robin Smyers' outrageous diatribe against the other candidates, that RA has a preferred slate. They are supposed to be neutral.

  64. I am not the Restonian and will not comment on anything here for 48 hours

  65. Hurray a Rod free weekend!!!

  66. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 12, 2010 at 10:34 PM

    HCKD needs a hug!

  67. Reston needs a hug.

    And maybe a suave, agile reach-around.

  68. Oh, holy chrome, Pij. You made me shoot milk out of my nose with that one.

  69. Facebook shows the Social City Application... we should get all the candidates to go in there and show their stuff... heck, the presnt RA Board as well...

  70. I would like to suggest we nominate and vote for this person. Is it possible to have a write-in candidate?

    Dear RA Board Candidates:

    I, too, am more than offended by this statement from Ms. Smyers. Her statements are completely out of line, false (when was the RA "attacked"?; what "harm" do any of you plan to the RA?), unprofessional, and, of course, are most partisan and self-serving in what is clearly a voters' call for change at the RA. I would not be pressed to assert that these statements are libelous and defamatory, but they clearly are not in the best interest of anyone and are shameful. Oh behalf of my myself and my constituents, I apologize to each of you for Ms. Smyers' outrageous diatribe.

    As a single-family homeowner in North Point AND the President of one of Reston's largest and oldest condominiums (Shadowood) representing some $235,000 in RA assessments paid each year, I respect each of you and your positions, believe each of you have great integrity, and thank you sincerely for your efforts for ALL Reston Association member-dues payers -- and especially for your respect for dissenting and divergent positions and wishes.

    Toward those ends, I respectfully request that each of you take the highest possible road, support the election winners regardless of your stated goals, and advocate peacefully, professionally and collegially for change at the RA -- always being mindful of the great diversity of opinions, lifestyles, wealth and interests abundant in Reston.

    Let's have a representative, open, transparent RA board that acts lawfully, frugally, conservatively and in the best interests of all Reston Association dues payers.

    It's time for change at the RA; that message is clear. Let's all focus on the fact that Reston Association is a homeowners' association, not a municipal government, and that the focus of the RA board must, and shall, be toward that end with all staff acting as directed by the RA board in ways that are strictly limited by the RA governing documents and the expressed wishes of the dues payers/voters.

    Thank you for your service to our community and best of luck to all.


    Brian Olivia
    North Point Homeowner and President of Shadowood Condominium

  71. That's nice rhetoric but I'm more interested in concrete action than congeniality. Hey, Bri, when are you going to do something constructive about that dangerous parking mess along Soapstone? I believe most of those vehicles belong to your residents.

  72. Brian - so you're the guy responsible for the mess at South Lakes and Soapstone. You're the guy forcing dozens of his residents to park on the street. You're the guy who allows the dirt path by the childcare center to run with mud in every rainstorm, allowing its runoff to flow into snakeden to pollute the Lake. Reston's very own slumlord!

    Given the abominable way you maintain your own version of Pottersville (see its a Wonderful Life), you're really in no position to criticize anything RA does.

    Anyone who knows anything about local governments and hoas would tell you that hoas are viewed by most experts in the field as the privitization of municipal government. By virtue of its organizational documents, Reston performs most, but not all, of the functions of a local government.

    You know as little about hoas as you know about property maintenance.

    Shame on you for spreading ignorance and blight simultaneously.

  73. Brian - you would have been better off to follow that old maxim: better to be silent and thought a fool and a knave than speak and removal all doubt.

  74. I think Brian just invited an RA covenants committee inspection of Shadowood. Bet all of your absentee unit owners are going to love you for that, Brian.


  75. Brian - Less Sought after South Reston thanks you for single handedly holding down its property values.

    And of course you personally keep your distance by living in, wait for it, NORTH POINT.

    Mr. Rogers asks, "Can you say total hypocrit, boys and girls"

    What a maroon!

  76. Anon 10:49 Don't think your nomination of Brian would be ratified by acclamation. Just guessing here.

  77. pray for the sake of the candidates... he doesn't endorse any of 'em... but, i appreciate his stepping in here...

  78. Damn --- you are all a bunch of "glass bowls," what a pathetic lot of sour-pussed losers.

    Thank God and the devil I don't live in Reston or anywhere near it!

    I've worked in Reston for years and had hte misfortune of driving through all parts of it -- the entire place looks like a slum except for the well-maintained NON Reston Town Center -- Fortunately, that albeit banal place is not part of Reston and is being well maintained.

  79. Hold on. How is Brian a homeowner AND the president of Shadowood? If he cared so much about Shadowood, perhaps he should try living there.

  80. Wow. This is a lot of vitriol for a man who hasn't even declared his candidacy.

    There are lots of ways that Bri could be President without being a resident. The first two that come to mind is that he owns a rental property or properties there, or that he's the hired-gun in charge of managing the property.

  81. The Save Browns Chapel has closed freedom of expression on their site so I must post this here now:

    I will as my first act if elected urge the RA to go into executive session to transfer Milton Bradly to another job at RA. This is not because Milton would get a quarter million dollars from RA if terminated but because I would not want him out in the job market in these times. Perhaps he could go into "Nature House." work I know he loves Nature house. He should never be trusted with email list again because he betrayed the citizens of Reston in endorsing the RA three.

    I would nominate Colin Mills to replace him or possibly unpaid citizen volunteers of whom I know several who would be willing to serve unpaid to help Reston on a rotating basis.

    I would put the personnel department in RA under citizen control. Now citizens who pay for Reston employees could decide who to hire and fire.

  82. Hey, Brian, when are you and your fellow slumlords, I mean absentee unit owners, going to take out all the downed trees and broken limbs along your Soapstone frontage.

    How about repairing and replacing the innumerable peeling, broken and missing speed bumps? Potholes getting filled anytime soon?

    Nice touch piling the snow and trash into the southern parking lot making 20-30 spaces unuseable and forcing even more residents to park on Soapstone.

    Any plans to repair the stained, cracked and broken stucco on the side of the buildings sometime soon?

    Any plans to replace the swings on that pathetic excuse for a tot lot?

    How about replacing the dead and dying landscaping?

    Hey Anon 1:20, tell us all where you live so we can all visit to see how swell you take care of your neighborhood. Better yet, tell us who you work for in Reston so we can advise your boss that your passport to visit our fair city has been revoked. You're just a guest here; try to remember your manners, punk.

  83. Rod,

    You broke your promise of a 48hr hiatus! How are we to trust ANYTHING you say you'll do at RA if you can't even keep this little promise?

    And I was just settling into my Rod-free weekend. Thanks for wrecking my chi dude.


    p.s. hugs welcome

  84. People --- stop being so negative, fooling yourselves and flattering Brian or any HOA president with powers and authority he does not have!

    Don't be angry and petty minded and hide behind your computer screens and this tiny corner of the blogosphere!

    Take control and take action.

    Drive through Shadowood -- you won't see jalopies and junkers there --- where do you see them? On Soapstone -- that's a Hudgins problem.

    Ask her why she chose to put a sidewalk on the OTHER side of Soapstone -- the side that already has a sidewalk.

    Ask the police department why it is not better and more often enforcing the existing laws on YOUR public streets, not Shadowood's private property -- that's not Shadowood's problem -- that's YOUR problem for not advocating positively for what you want.

    Covenants violations? That's Robin's problem. If you think Shadowood has covenants violations, let the RA know (if you can find the place on their website to do so that is).

    Landscaping messes? Don't look at Shadowood --- all of their storm damage is long gone, but all along Soapstone and South Lakes and elsewhere in Reston(Cathy's and Robin's domains) you will see lots of damage that has not been cleaned weeks after the storms.

    Irony is that the county got federal disaster money to deal with the blizzards; I am certain that no HOA got a penny for anything.

    So, advocate for change --- and make your HOA assessments tax deductible if the "hoa way" is the future of local governance -- just like those equivalent taxes for services are in places like Vienna, Fairfax City, Herndon and Clifton.

    your faithful correspondent from the CAI show in Washington, DC.

  85. Convict - given the gross neglect Brian has exhibited toward Shadowood. Many of his fellow Restonians would challenge his humanity, never mind his candidacy.

    He's lucky the Best of Reston didn't have a category "most hated person in Town". He and Smyers would run a dead heat.

  86. Anon 2:22 Get your facts straight.

    The downed trees are outside the VDOT right of way and not on RA common area. They are Shadowood's problem. Try again.

    What junkers on Soapstone? If a vehicle has no or expired tags they get towed immediately. The quality of vehicles on the Soapstone is equal to or better than the vehicles in the Shadowood parking lot. Take a spin through there as I just did.

    What's CAI doing to get Congress to make hoa assessment deductible?

    Btw tha's another advantage to City status, taxes paid for maintaining the facilities and open space would be tax deductible as RA assessments are not. And we would hire are own police, not the blond and blue-eyed jackboots from Culpeper.

  87. anon 2:22 is Brian - who else would be going to a CAI convention?

    The broken stucco, missing speed bumps and pots holed won't be repaired until Shadowood gets an RA covenant raid? Nice. That's responsible property management.

    If you're not Brian, Anon 2:22, thanks for sharing your standards for behavior by a cluster president. Please tell us your cluster so we can be sure not to buy in or next to your dump.

  88. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonMarch 13, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    Hi Rod:

    Thanks for alerting us in your post of 2:01 today that Reston is not really run by Milton Matthews; rather, he is a puppet manipulated, appropriately enough, by...Milton Bradly, the toy and game company!

    Now, on a rainy Saturday afternoon with not much else to do ("idle peasant hands are the devil's work"), and after a little research on Wikipedia, here are some actual Milton Bradly games that might be appropriate to Reston:

    -- Astro-Nots: Other than Aldrin and Armstrong, what all the remaining elementary schools in Reston are considered.
    -- Barrel of Monkeys: Last summer's health care debate at South Lakes High.
    -- The Dark Tower: 1830 Isaac Newton Square (doh).
    -- Don't Spill The Beans: "Shhh, don't tell anyone we spent $100,000 on a feasibility study for an indoor rec center at Brown's Chapel!"
    -- Easy Money: the prevailing view in the Dark Tower of what the annual RA assessment is.
    -- Go For Broke: the prevailing view in the Dark Tower of how to spend the annual RA assessment.
    -- Omega Virus: Some clever rebranding of the Reston Ebola virus.
    -- Space Crusade: The RA's search for new headquarters.
    -- Stump: What's left in the Snakeden after streambed restoration.

    And one last one (I could go on and on):

    -- Conspiracy: What lies behind any decision ever made in Reston, past, present, or future.

  89. Peasant how could you not join in the Brian Olivia dumpfest?

    Surely you as a Shadowood neighbor have something to contribute to the sliming.

  90. What a bunch of negative, vicious, vile, hateful losers. No wonder Ms. Smyers is leaving your non-town.

    If you are not the poster faces of what has been distilled to the uber-suburb wasteland called Reston, we know not what is!

    Even the phone book went out of business.

    No wonder you are stuck with the lot you have been dealt.

    Get off your unexercised fat arses and do some good, have sex, buy some flowers -- and quit your negative bitching! It's not becoming of any of you; it certainly will not make anyone want to live in Reston; and it's a shame that you are even living (in Reston) if yoy if you are so miserable!

  91. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonMarch 13, 2010 at 5:45 PM

    Anon 5:06

    Well, actually, I must be among the unenlightened lumpen-proletariat when it comes to Brian Olivia. I never heard of him before today, and am not certain what authority he has in the condo association to rehab Shadowood. To judge from the many coments made in response to him, however, it sounds as if Shadowood is overdue for some upgrading.

    I know Shadowood is one of Convict's favorite gulags, so, in keeping with my post above about Milton Bradly games, I'll leave it up to Convict to select one of the following actual M-B games as the most appropriate motif for that gulag.

    A) Crossfire
    B) Splat!
    C) Survival Run
    D) 13 Dead End Drive
    E) What Did Grandma Peterson Do To The Cat?

    (Don't ask me why I included that last one; I just like the sound of it!)

  92. @anon2:34 what a hypocrite and bitter racist.

    The worst of the worst.

  93. Oh my --- poor Shadowood -- it has a pothole and a torn up speed bump and a dead tree.

    Imagine any of that after the snowiest winter ever!

    Let's call the RA design police (whatever color their eyes and hair may be) and make a federal case of of this non issue.

    I DO live in Shadowood --- it's not perfect, but what is? It's affordable housing in unaffordable Fairfax County. And, for the record, I have not seen one pothole in Shadowood, but on the main streets and roads -- potholes everywhere.

    Lots of tree trimming is underway, bricks are being replaced, nasty tenants are being evicted, stairwells are being cleaned and replaced, towing happens every day (I see benzes, beemers, Acuras and more every day here), and I just got a brand new heat pump, all of that for less than $275 a month.

    Life is good!

  94. So, about that election.

    Who do you think will win?

  95. Anon 5:56

    Almost every speed bump is is broken. There are at least a dozen downed trees along Soapstone. There are several potholes. Take a look at the mess in the southernmost parking lot. Its a month since the snows and there are still piles of dirty snow several feet high blocking 20-30 spaces.

    The new heat pump came courtesy of your unit owner not the condo association.

    All of this was not to criticize the occupants of Shadowood but a rebuttal to Olivia's attack on RA which, given his neglect of Shadowood, while living in North Point, is beyond hypocritical.

    At $275/mo, there must be 8 people living in your unit.

  96. Anon 5:48 "blond haired, blood eyed jackboots" is an allusion to the stormtroopers of the Third Reich to whom respect for the civil liberties of the ordinary citizen did not exist. Skipped class that day in World History, did we?

    And the hypocrisy in the post of Anon 2:34 is what exactly?

  97. I have never seen the Reston political elite go so all out for an election. They are so afraid that someone will get elected to the board who might have a different opinion, who might ask questions, who might challenge the status quo as run by the Reston political elite. They want to keep the board in lock-step with RCC and Fairfax County.

    They want a board that will not stand in the way of all the money the county plans to make off Reston.

    They don't want those pesky residents asking questions about traffic, about how all this high-density development that the county has planned might affect our neighborhoods. They especially don't want groups like Save Browns Chapel trying to preserve open space.

    They are organized like never before to crush all voices of opposition and create Reston the Totalitarian state.

  98. Anon 6:44 Three words I never thought I'd see strung together "Reston political elites." Are you serious? Have you ever met these people? Talk about your "lumpen-proletariat." Well, except Smyers and Olivia, those two are definitely members of the Tri-lateral Commission and Smyers is escaping via a black helicopter.

    Most of them are just as Nimbyish as you are apparently.

    Take your lithium and Haldol and go to a meeting or watch Channel 28 some Friday. It will bore the sox off of you.

    Oh, and the black helicopter. That was a feeble attempt at a joke. ;-)

  99. 6:44 did you know that tea bagging actually refers to putting scrotum in your mouth?

    Given the crazy paranoid POV of your comment, I'd wager that your boy friend's balls were dipped in LSD.

  100. @anon6:28

    Speed bumps at stop signs? What idiot put them there?

    Speed bumps at the end of the driveway? What idiot put them there?

    Speed bumps at the entrance and exits to Shadowood? Who idiot them there?

    And, just what law requires that speed bumps be present at all?

    I would love to see them all go for good.

    Exactly where are the "potholes"? How long have they been there? Did you report them to the manager's office?

    Just where would you suggest that the snow go? Most of it is long gone, including the designated snow storage area. We don't want to pay to remove snow -- nature did it just fine.

    The month of reduced parking was a minor inconvenience and there were plenty of empty parking spaces near the office even during the worst days of the storms. I found plenty of parking and walked through the trees to my condo. What's so bad about that?

    Get your facts stright: the heat pump was provided and paid for by the condo, not me (the unit owner).

    My condo fees, that I pay, are $275 a month--a bargain by all means for what I get.

    Shadowood gives me high speed internet and full digital TV with HDTV for $39 a month. Comcast charged me $175 for the same thing. What's so bad about that?

    Get your facts straight: Not to mention a big tax credit for buying the condo and a $1500 tax credit for the heat pump -- for which I paid not a penny -- that alone made me decide to buy my Shadowood condo unit. Free money from the government, and a heating system that is brand new. What's so bad about that? Other than having to have you as a neighbor -- nothing at all.

    Soapstone Drive is not owned or maintained by Shadowood -- call Cathy Hudgins or VDOT to deal with the 12 trees out of tens of thousands of them that so bother you.

    And, once again, get your facts straght --- the RA itself strongly suggests that downed trees be left as they are unless the pose a threat. What threat do your 12 trees pose?

    Always complaining, never offering anything positive -- isn't that charming of you!

  101. Anon 7:16

    So $275 is your condo fee not Anon 5:56's rent. You're paying $3300 per year in condo fees and the place looks like that? We pay less than a third of that amount and our place, of similar vintage to Shadowood, looks a lot better.

    The broken speed bumps leave behind a hole in the pavement. There are also several other potholes which predate the December snows. That you're an owner and haven't noticed them is troubling for the future prospects of upkeep.

    The dozens of trees are on Shadowood property along its Soapstone frontage outside the VDOT right of way on Shadowood common area. They are not only a eyesore, they are a fire hazard. Who, specifically, at Reston Association said to leave that mess untouched?

    The snow/dirt piles occupy 20-30 spaces today. If there are that extra spaces in Shadowood, why are so many of its residents parking along Soapstone?

    These observations are made to contrast Brian Olivia's attack on RA with his negligent stewardship, together with the other absentee owners, of Shadowood. Not a criticism of its occupants whose challenges are appreciated.

  102. Those trees fell from Shadoweed property. While VDOT will clear the down trees from the road, it's under no obligation to remove them from across sidewalks. If Shadoweeds property is like my own cluster's, then Shadoweed's property line extends to the curb.

    Furthermore, if Shadoweed residents own so many cars that they have to park them on Soapstone, I would think that the responsible thing to do would be to find some way to create enough parking within the cluster for those vehicles. I understand the problem with parking commercial vehicles within the property, but most of the vehicles are not commercial.

    And you're right. Maybe we should start looking to VDOT to turn that whole strip along Soapstone into a No Parking area. That would be such a shame though. If that happens and all of those cars are forced to park inside of Shadoweed, I guess you won't have any spots left for visitors.

  103. Reston politics are incestuous, everything in Reston is controlled by a small group of people. They all have the same point of view. They appoint each other to every committee and run for every board.

    Most of them have ties to Kathy Hudgins or developers. Some are developers and some are lawyers working for developers. They have a plan for Reston and they don't want residents involved, asking questions like what about traffic, what about open space.

    They win awards like Best of Reston. They seem like great community leaders. Yet they have hidden agendas. You think this sounds paranoid. It's not. I was once naive too. Now I know way too much about Reston politics. I was happier being naive. This election they are out to teach a lesson and prove you can't fight city hall.

  104. Anon 9:06 are you the same person as anon 6:44?

    These people involved in RA are not members of the Knights Templar. They are quite normal and disagree with each other as often as not.

    You'd also be surprised how non-intimidating most "developers" are. Ain't no Donald Trumps or Mort Zuckermans in this bunch.

    BTW, in case it slipped by you, since Reston's not a city (although it should be), there's no city hall to fight.

    If Bill Bouie is on every committee in town, it's mostly because no one else wanted to be appointed. They get there by default.

    Chilax, dive in, learn the lingo and the process. It ain't quantum mechanics. You'll be better for it, so will the rest of us and so will Reston.

  105. The cars in Soapstone Drive are really a mix from residents from Shadowood and Ivy Bush.

    A no parking area in Soapstone would force both Shadowood and Ivy Bush to reconsider their parking policies (or force their residents to get rid of them).

    That strip shopping center where the 711 is should be just taken down. It doesn't make sense to be there and it's another eyesore.

    VDOT and Hudgings of course won't do nothing, and has been like that for years.

  106. anon 11:12

    Couldn't disagree more. I use each of those business and can walk to them easily. Get rid of them and I have to drive to South Lakes, Hunters Woods or the International Center. That would just add to traffic congestion.

    Few or no one from Ivy Bush parks on Soapstone. We do see several folks from the condos north of South Lakes Drive walk to cars parked on Soapstone.

  107. I can only say that any time I've seen anybody getting into cars there, they've been coming from Shadowood. It doesn't mean that it's only them, but they're the only one's I've ever seen.

    Are the various anons starting to have a hard time keeping straight who's who?

  108. Smyers shut the f*l up. You'll soon be out of this place for good and you will not continue self-attacking and harming RA, Reston and everyone else.

  109. @anon 1:15 --- my thoughts precisely.

    @ ALL --- if you are tired of Tobacco Row on Soapstone, write to hudgins, and VDOT -- THEY can fix the problem just like they did behind the Home Depot --- in a matter of days, not decades like it's taking in south reston!

    Why blame anyone else --- a private HOA property that has to do with public VA roads.

  110. "Shadoweed" is NOT a cluster; it is a horizontal property regime (aka "condo") and the parking lots are common elements and CANNOT be divided or otherwise developed. Even having reserved parking is 100% illegal now that the VA Supreme Court has rules on that matter.

    Shadoweed has 450 units and 690 parking spaces. No more, no fewer---and it cannot by law and by covenant (that requires 100% positive vote to change) create one more, or take away one, parking space. Period.

    One owner can own none, 100 or 1000 cars, but he gets 2 parking decals (meaning that 900 decals are issued for those 690 spaces, so it's already over subscribed). Shadoweed cannot do anything about how many cars a person owns, but it can control its common elements which it has done for three decades -- long before hudgins, smyers or olivia were around.

    Parking on public streets is the only alternative for any vehicle owner and the county or the state is the only entity that can change or regulate that -- as they did by creating a reston-wide parking district.

    As to trees, both the RA and the county encourage dead wood to remain as it falls:

    How a (dead?) tree can be a fire hazard in this weather is beyond comprehension!

  111. @ Anon 7:50 (and we are pretty sure we know who you are) you are wrong yet again.

    Since you seem to know every inch of the SW property, exactly where are the potholes? Rather than bitch about them, tell someone so that they can be fixed.

    And use your eyes -- the speed bumps, illogically placed and, I am sure never DRB approved, as they were, do not and cannot leave "holes" under them as they are nothing more than a pile of pavement on top of the existing pavement. Clear as a bell for anyone who has the ability to look and see.

    Cluster dues and condo fees are worlds apart and comparing them together is ignorant at best.

    Is that the kind of stewardship you've fostered?

    Since you don't live @ SW, keep your ignorant, false comments to yourself -- you are doing nothing but showing your incompetence.

    Just when did Mr. Olivia "attach" the Reston Association? Did he use assault weapons? Harm anyone? Leave his mark on the disgusting headquarters building?

    And you better study HOA governance and what negligence is -- especially in VA where is is quite different than in other jurisdictions.

    I'd also counsel you to bone up on defamation and mail fraud law and learn to listen more than defame.

  112. Anon 1:35 So were did the 20-30 cars in the south parking lot go when Brian decided to pile all the snow and trash in that lot?

    As to the deed trees, Brian's going to remove them before the dry/forest fire weather comes in June-October? Really?

    You honestly think the Park Authority brochure applies to the massive tree fall of the last six weeks? Better give your insurance company a call and see if they agree/

  113. Anon 1:55 Bring it on, we know who you are too. Your empty, hollow threats only show your fear of the truth of what's being posted here.

    The underlying pavement is cut when a speed bump is installed. When the speed bump is broken out it leaves a hole in the pavement behind which is extremely vulnerable to widening into car eating pothole. Understand now. Hope that's clear. We tried to only use small words.

    With 450 units paying $3300 per year, Brian's got $1,485,000 to spend every year. Yet what we see is the best he can do with all that money? He's in no position to criticize RA, Smyers, Hudgins or anybody else.

  114. @ anon3:26

    You really are odd and a negative angry loser.

    With your fetish and anal obsesion over such a non issue -- who gives a damn about how speed humps are or are not made, or anything else about the petty details of a private piece of property?

    God, get a life!

  115. Smells like shit... I mean Smyers in here.

  116. Anon 3:48 Just finished your homework in psych, heh, Sweety?

    If it bothers you that much, there's one sure cure, don't read it.

  117. Yes, reading this blog a proof positive of mental illness in our world. I hope that in all of the budget slashing that the litter that was ever set aside for the mentally ill may be spared somwehat.

    It's very sad ideed that, in this time of easy easy and persistent internet searches, this exchange will live long after any of the defamed are gone .. and those of us who stay, be we owners or renters, will be left to suffer.

    Might it not be time to start an entry of some of the better things here? Let's leave people out of the list for at least a short while.

  118. Reston is a cool place... :O)

  119. Reston is the cool place to hang out. You can find most of the cool people there. In Reston you can just chill and do whatever and totally relax. "Take it easy" is the Reston motto, for example, that's how laid back it is there. Show up if you want to have a good time. Another good reason to show up is if you want to hang out with friends

  120. Reston is about: leisure, unique architecture (the original villages ahd world renowned archietcts,) lakes, trees, animals and neighbors who actually know their neighbors...

    Yes, it' getting long in the tooth...some of those original architectures need some TLC... but, at the end of a long day, I still love coming back to my home, my castle, my refuge, my getaway -- in Reston.

  121. Is the fat girl, and wacko boot-lick Chew, trying to save her disastrous RA legacy by slinging (starts with "s" rhymes with "fit") yet again?

    Subject: Latest Rumor

    Apparently the latest rumor being spread about Save Brown's Chapel is that we are a "republican" group.

    Let's be absolutely clear, we have no party affiliation - none at all. We are Reston residents looking to give a greater voice to Reston residents.

    These rumors are spread to create fear and doubt. Those spreading them are the ones that have a position to protect. We keep asking why do they fear us so much. We are ordinary people from all over Reston. If you want to know who we are go to the bathroom and look in a mirror - we are you, with all the diversity that implies. Our only interest is to look out for you.

  122. Someone just alerted me to anon 8:13 post above. I just want to make it clear that although I did send out the original facebook message about the rumor I did not make the above post.

  123. Hey Restonian... you've got a hit site on your hands... the volume is up,and even the quality of the adds coming your way are so much better...

  124. Interesting how those who accuse SBC of having political party affiliations are actually the ones who have party ties. Chew a precinct captain in the Hunter Mill Democratic party is trying to mobilize the dems by accusing SBC of being Republicans.

  125. I am a member of SBC and I voted for Obama.

  126. I signed the SBC petition -- I voted for Obama and will do so again.

  127. The ad is from Fairfax County --- is that not the supreme irony or what :)

    The county is broke, but it can afford to post ads on these filthy web logs!


  128. All -

    I believe that the RA Election Committee must meet with the RA Board immediately after the current election is over to present draft changes to the current Standards of Conduct for use in future elections. The Election Committee either should be empowered to rigorously enforce these standards, or it should go out of business. Flagrant or multiple violations of these standards should disqualify a candidate from becoming a member of the Board, and, in the case of sitting Board members should lead to their dismissal from the Board. RA's legal counsel needs to determine what, if any, changes are required in the RA Bylaws to accomplish this.

    The current elementary school election behavior by candidates and sitting Board members is not necessary in a community election of this type, and it should not be tolerated.

    Dave Edwards, Member
    2010 RA Election Committee

  129. AMEN Mr. Edwards!

    Now I call for the resignation of the current board members who have engaged in these outrageous tactics---regardless of how long or short their remaining terms may be.

  130. Amen. Chew and Smyers --- YOU'RE FIRED!!!

  131. Anonymous said...
    Reston politics are incestuous, everything in Reston is controlled by a small group of people. They all have the same point of view. They appoint each other to every committee and run for every board.

    Most of them have ties to Kathy Hudgins or developers. Some are developers and some are lawyers working for developers. They have a plan for Reston and they don't want residents involved, asking questions like what about traffic, what about open space.

    They win awards like Best of Reston. They seem like great community leaders. Yet they have hidden agendas. You think this sounds paranoid. It's not. I was once naive too. Now I know way too much about Reston politics. I was happier being naive. This election they are out to teach a lesson and prove you can't fight city hall.

    You can say that again

  132. Chew is a disgrace, so is Smyers. Shame on both!

  133. I think there will be some anger at the current board for letting all this ....just slide by.

  134. The other RA directors should request their resignation as well. Chew and Smyers are just giving a bad name to RA and destroying the entity.

  135. Smyers is the RA president -- the buck stops with her.

    In this case, she is a major instigator of this disgusting mess. Her ladership has failed and failed miserably and she can no longer lead the Reston Association.

    The RA board should immediately call for smyers' resignation.

  136. Once Smyers is gone, the board should fire Matthews -- he was passed over by the Colmbia Association for well and good, and now demonstrated, reasons.

    He puts his job ahead of what is right and just --- that's shameful and intolerable in Columbia as it should be in Reston.

  137. It's hard to believe that we have an Election Committee and it has no power to ensure that there is a fair election. Worse than that there are no specific standards of election conduct for sitting board members.

  138. Believe it -- this is one result of the last RA board and their expensive and needless re-do of the governing documents / by-laws, to, among other things, remove the reference to "home owners'" from the legal entity name. See what happens when we go from "RHOA" to "RA"?

    Tenants get to set, but not pay, the annual assessments, and hubris runs amok among the (fraudulently?) "elected" directors.

    I can't wait to read what the Washington Post will say about this mockery of an election -- where is that real-estate beat reporter when we need her most?!

    Incidentally, I still haven't received my ballot!

  139. I've figured it out Robin Smyers is Restonian. Whenever the number of comments are down she does something outrageous and comments go up again.

  140. If Smyers was Restonian this blog would lose its reason to be! She damn hates this "filthy" web log. Truth hurts!

  141. So... nobody's watching Celebrity Apprentice...??

  142. Dave Edwards What specifically are you referring to?

  143. Anon 9:45 tenants were voting before the last rewrite of the governing documents and the name change really doesn't change what RA/RHOA can or can't do. Tenants pay the assessments either as a direct pass through or an increase in monthly rent to cover the assessment.

  144. Anon 9:35 what's been unfair about this election?

  145. To anon 10:41
    How about the current board president sending out messages using her position to not only endorse a slate of candidates but trash others and state that they "could cause much harm to Reston". Current board member Richard Chew using his position and email lists to send out similar messages on behalf of his slate of candidates. The RA sending out e-notifications that prominently promote a slate of candidates that just happen to be endorsed by the current board.
    I could go on and on.

  146. anon 11:26

    incumbents endorse successor candidates and oppose their endorsed successors' opponents in every election, whether for President of the U.S. or student council.

    SBC sent out endorsements to its e-mail list.

    Are folks just unhappy that SBC has its own slate and that Chew chose to endorse a second?

    They're both acting within their rights as RA members.

    Both sides are saying positive stuff about their favorites and negatives stuff about the others. Some of its true, some of its off the mark.

    Its politics and, as the wiseman said, "it aint beanbag."

  147. It's on thing to say as individuals, it's another to have Chew and Smyers do this as officers and directors.

  148. And sending out an e-notifications through RA's mailing list that prominently highlights the names of their favored candidates. Then pretending to be impartial when they defend their actions.

  149. "Jay, the reason for not allowing kids wearing floats into the pool is because they give parents a false sense of security and they don't watch their children as closely as they should. Lots of kids have drowned while wearing them because their parents are not paying enough attention to their children (who don't know how to swim), and the lifeguards can't watch a whole poolful of people and keep an eye on a bunch of non-swimming kids at the same time.

    The no-float rule has been in effect everywhere I have ever lived, and is by no means unique to Reston. It's become an insurance issue, I think. I don't know anyone who learned to swim using floats- we all had to learn the old-fashioned way.

    I don't understand why you can't swim at the RCC pool? Why do you have to drive to Oakton to swim at an indoor pool?"

    Fairfax county allows kids to swim in pools with floats. YMCA allows kids to swim in their pools using floats. Reston is the only place that doesn't let the kids swim with floats. I understand the concern about kids drowning. You don't have to completely ban floats. Fairfax county and YMCA restrict kids with floats to the shallow lanes and require an adult to be with the kid at all times.

    And, I have no idea how you can teach a 3 year old to swim without floats. You can hold him, but he isn't really swimming. If you want the kid to be independent, you have to put a float and let go. That's how the instructors teach them, even at Reston

    I can't swim in an RCC pool, because umm.. they won;t let my kid in the pool with floats. I am not going to Oakton to swim in an indoor pool. I am going to Oakton to swim a county pool, because that's the closest pool that my kid can swim in.

    Again, I understand the insurance issue. I don't really want Reston to change their rules if it makes it unaffordable for them. I want a county pool in Reston, not neccesarily an indoor pool, a county pool

  150. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 15, 2010 at 1:40 PM

    I just wanted to give a few people who may be curious a slight update on the most recent happenings in my life.

    1.) I am ready to pounce upon a 1-BR condo in the Market Street complex adjacent to Reston Town Center (RTC), which, amazingly, will be priced comparably to my current Archstone Charter Oak (ACO). If I move to the opposite side of RTC I'll gain a covered garage parking spot, hardwood flooring, maple cabinetry, and community amenities for nearly the same price as I'm currently paying in ACO. Archstone-Smith better rethink their current policy of jacking up rents 15% annually, as I'm one of several whom I've spoken with at ACO who plans to relocate soon due to the lack of amenities/maintenance in comparison to these new much higher proposed rents. ACO keeps marketing the RA amenities as some sort of exclusive community features, hoping that clueless transplants won't realize that EVERYONE in Reston has access to these very same venues. They also market their very close proximity to RTC, even though Parc Reston and The Sycamores are both closer and BOTH charge lower rents. Can anyone give me one good reason to renew at ACO instead of pursuing a modern condo in RTC for a similar price point? Is there some sort of "charm" I'm just clearly missing about ACO that justifies its higher-than-average proposed rents?

    2.) I've been receiving treatment for my severe depression and suicidal tendencies and am pleased to report that slowly yet surely I'm getting better. I still harbor the shame associated with admitting that I'm suffering from mental illness, but I think, for better or for worse, BiCO won't be offing himself any time soon.

    3.) You haven't heard the last of me by any means. What will help me ultimately to get past some of the pain and trauma I've endured lately will be to become more active in the community to take my mind off of my ailments. This means I'd like to volunteer more, attend more meetings in the community, and all in all just try to stop dwelling upon Reston = Soccer Mom Paradise and try to make the best of where I live. Yearning for urbanity in a sprawling suburb has just compounded my depression and angst. Why shouldn't I just eat at Macaroni Grill, salsa dance with Cathy Hudgins and Robin Smyers, and skip around the town center gawking at overpriced fake plants at Pottery Barn like everyone else? That's what it means to be a true Restonian, right?

  151. Jay -- the pool at RCC is a county pool

  152. Broke, I think it was very contagious for you to speak publicly of your depression and very important seeking treatment. I congradulate you on it. It's a known fact that 10 to twenty percent of just about any given population suffer from depression most of it undiagnosed. So many people will say Oh I get depressed but I get over it by working or drinking or whatever. And it works for many people and so they are confident of how what they know as depression is dealt with. But clinical depression it's not so easily dealt with. You may have done a valuable thing and encouraged many people to seek help.

    Glad you are staying in Reston and good luck on your new accommodations and volunteer activities.

  153. OMG, BiCO --- Dance with ME---at least I am a gay male and I have no plans (forced or otherwise) to beat it out of town!

  154. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 16, 2010 at 5:43 PM

    Anonymous @ 9:36 PM: I LOVE to dance! Name the time and place, and I'll be there with bells on (or a button-down shirt and tight-fitting jeans---whatever works!) ;-)

  155. I'll join you guys (BiCO and Anon). Just let me know when and where!

    And BiCO - VERY happy you are staying in Reston.


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