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Monday, May 24, 2010

Snakes on an Earth-Toned Real Estate Development: Copperheads Resume Reign of Terror

snake.jpgBoth the Fairfax County Police and the Reston Association have sent urgent missives warning that "an unusually high number" of copperhead snakes have been spotted in the county, so we might as well lock all the doors, draw the shades and not leave the house until winter.

An unusually high number of copperhead snakes have recently been reported in Fairfax County. Copperheads are venomous snakes that are found here and throughout Virginia.

Copperhead snake bites have been reported across Fairfax County in the Dranesville (Riverbend Park), Hunter Mill (Reston), and Springfield (Clifton) Districts. Typically, reports of snake bites (and sightings) do not peak until between August and October when baby copperheads are hatching.
WE'RE DOOMED! Oh, wait -- there's good news, thanks to our pals at the RA.
The only report in Reston is that of a dog suffering a bite in the Lake Fairfax area. The dog survived.
All of which, of course, is just an excuse for us to post one of our favorite videos:

Update: Our favorite correspondent, the Peasant from Less Sought-After South Reston, shares this fun-filled activity for the kids. Too bad it's already over!


  1. I'm never leaving the house again.

  2. Damn, that phat motherfather snake stole that motherfather man on the motherfather face! You know that's gotta father hurt, motherfather! Respek!

  3. Good news -- I walked the entire Glade loop yesterday. No copperheads. No weird guys following me. Construction proceeds (now THOSE guys need to watch for the snakes). Beautiful day...

    I wonder if people realize how litter-free the trails area. Maybe we don't appreciate how clean and kept up they are because we're so used to it. But for some reason yesterday it struck me what a gift they are.


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