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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Indoor Tennis Facility Would Cost $3.8 Million, Still Lack Juicery

Hey, remember that time the Reston Association was going to build an awesome indoor tennis facility at Lake Newport, minus the juicery we had been hoping for?

Yeah, that was awesome. A Restonian confidential informant has let us know that the cost estimates are in, and the project would cost $3.8 million. Here's the informant's take on the situation:

RA's Finance Committee believes either a mortgage or bond financing would be the best means to pay for this facility.

Current thinking is that the referendum, if authorized by the RA Board, would go to RA members next spring either before or after the Board election. Authorization by the Board is still a big "if."

Will the proposal get out of the Board's BAC committee and its super secret executive sessions where in color swatches for the lavatories are discussed? Only the "Shadow" or Kathleen Driscoll, really knows.
The informant did our work -- and by "work," we mean "snark" -- for us in that last paragraph, so there's really not much else to say, the end.


  1. Indoor tennis? Wimps! Play in the rain, it's more fun.

  2. Wouldn't it be cheaper for RA to just to give Jim Elder an extra $3,800 each year for rest of his life to leave us and RYB alone?

  3. How many tennis courts does reston need, I mean, seriously?? Couldn't we get something cool like a skate or bmx park or updated indoor pool or indoor ski hill? I mean, tennis?? Please, no more tennis...please please.


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