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Thursday, July 6, 2023

OK Google, Ask Jeeves To Bing.Com About "BASE Jumping Off Tall Buildings in Reston" (Updated)

A Nextdoor Neighbor dot com post reported a police helicopter flying overhead amid "gunshots" yet another incident where someone has taken a flying leap off a tall building in our plastic fantastic planned community on Wednesday night -- only this time, it was the one whose corners don't meet at 90-degree angles. Give us some good blockquote, Nextdoor user "Noel:"

I was southbound on Wihele Avenue passing the Google building when something out the corner of my eye caught my attention. I looked over and a parachutist landed directly in the parking area in front of the Marymount University Reston Center. I yelled at my buddy to check it out and luckily my windows were down and sunroof open and he was able to witness the same perfect standup landing not 50 feet from the roadway that I did. I said “Holy S! Did you just see that? Where did he come from?” To my relief, he said he just witnessed the same thing I did. How could he have jumped out of a plane? Did he BASE jump off one of the cranes? 

"I hadn’t consumed any alcohol over dinner. I had a chef salad for Chrissake," "Noel" adds.

Regular visitors to this web log (haha, as if this blog is updated regularly) may remember a similar eyewitness account back in ought-twenty, when a Toll Road driver saw someone jumping from the then-new 420' (heh) mauvescraper in Reston Town Center.  (We have it on good authority that said eyewitness had not consumed any 420-themed product over dinner that evening, but we're not sure whether a chef salad was involved.)

Neither jump was captured on video so far as we know, but a similar jump off the Lumen building in Tysons drew attention and maybe an arrest.

So many questions! Apparently, the Google building is 330 feet tall, and BASE jumping requires a minimum drop of 300 feet. How do we know this? Someone Googled it, the end.

Update: Video of the jump has surfaced, albeit on Facebook (LOL). Looks like the jumper leapt off a crane, not the polygon:

That's one way to cross Wiehle!


  1. Not just one way, it's the safest way to cross Wiehle.

  2. We saw it from the fire station, where can I find the video??


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