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Monday, November 23, 2020

Reston’s 420’ Tower Is Apparently Good For A Different Kind of High

We recently noted that Reston’s tallest building, going up near the future Reston Town Center Metro station, topped out at 420 (heh) feet. Man, we haven’t laughed that hard since someone lent us a Cheech and Chong cassette back in middle school!

But it turns out there’s a different kind of high that the building may be offering. On Saturday night, a Confidential Restonian Operative driving on the Dulles Toll Road witnessed someone BASE jumping off the top of the under-construction building, parachuting to a (hopefully) safe landing somewhere near where Targetville once stood.

It’s happened round these here parts before, when one of the tallest buildings in the Emerald City Paris Tysons Corner was under construction, and there’s video to prove it. We’ve been scouring the YouTubes and the TikToks and all the other social medias the kids love so much to see if someone’s posted similar grainy GoPro videos of the Reston jump, but so far, nothing. Someone hit up your friendly neighborhood “web logger,” as the kids haven’t said in quite some time, the end.

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