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Monday, February 10, 2014

Flashback Monday: Children of the Cinderblocks

In this v. v. exciting photo from a 1960s magazine article about our favorite earth-toned community, we see Bob Simon (at right) discussing Lake Anne's brutalist statuary with sculptor Gonzalo Fonseca, the creator of many of the concrete monuments to mid-modern art that still adorn the oldest parts of Reston, as unattended, possibly feral children scale said art to heights that today would require four signed waivers, a harness-and-belay system, and helmets for everyone involved, including Simon and Fonseca. Sadly, this piece of statuary, which after extensive photographic analysis we believe was called "The Building," no longer exists. It's no serpent table, but it sure looked like a decent way to while away the time until the invention of cable TV and the Atari 2600, the end.


  1. That would make a good album cover for some polyphonic jazz ensemble that you'd want to put on the hi-fi to impress the ladies.

  2. A great shame that we protect children from playing and from one of the great past times of children - climbing. There is probably some deep psychological something or other about climbing and aspirations.

  3. I believe this is where Led Zeppelin got their idea for Houses of the Holy album art.


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