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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On the YouTubes: We Watch the Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To

Kirsten Carr introduces us to this, the February edition of Reston Today by strolling in front of a frozen lake. But don't play on it, as we learn it's v. v. dangerous. "You would literally be playing on thin ice," Carr warns us, "and violating RA regulations." We're left to contemplate which of these two things is more frightening.

Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins talks about the county's legislative program for state lawmakers, which focuses on increased K-12 funding, improved transportation funding, and money to comply with new state mandates. There's a neat brochure that the county put together for its legislative outreach, which we're sure State Senator Cletus Spittleberger (R-Spittin' Hollar) will flip through before tossing it into his spittoon and voting to allocate all of Northern Virginia's tax receipts to build a 14-lane highway to provide better access to the Fiddlesticks Museum and Visitors Center in metropolitan Spittin' Hollar (pop. 14, lessun' you count the hogs, in which case it's 114).

We also get to revisit this awesome video of the RA's fleet of Bombardiers hauling ass clearing snow from Reston's paths in the middle of the night, though we learn two new things: 1) They have French-sounding names because they're made in (shudder) Canada, and 2) the RA staff calls them "bombs," because as the kids no longer say, that's what they are.

And with that, another five minutes and 54 seconds of our lives pass by almost unnoticed, like so many snowflakes befouling the RA paths and making the icy lakes all the more tantalizing, but ultimately fading into oblivion. Happy early Valentine's Day!

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