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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Best Snow-Clearing Video You'll See All Week

Our BFFs at Patch found this v. v. exciting video of the RA's covert nighttime operations: clearing "55 miles of paths" in something called a "bombardier," which if the name wasn't bad-ass enough, then flying down icy paths in pitch darkness with the windshield wipers running full tilt and some hypnotically blinking light on the dashboard warning the driver they've just turned it up to 11, snow clearing-wise, while some sweeeeet AC/DC plays on the radio (we assume) sure as heck is:



  1. For years I have always wondered why, the morning after any snowstorm, Reston pathways are always clear of all powder but still are covered in a thin glaze of slippery ice, with no snow for traction. Restonian solves another mystery of science!

  2. This is impressive! How do they know where the freakin' trail really is? No one woke up with a "bombardier" on the shaggy carpet in their living room.

    Ok, now I feel a bit better about my $634 check knowing that dogs and squirrels alike would have a clean path through the woods.

  3. That's pretty cool, Beavis.


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