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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lake Anne Developers Plan Open House, Post More Rad Renderings

Lake AnneThe developers of the proposed Lake Anne redevelopment have scheduled an open house for the community to learn more about the project for Feb. 3. They've also posted a gallery of rad architectural renderings. Let's take a closer look!

Slider4 1024x516A lovely streetscape looking into the original plaza. Extensive CGI was used to simulate large crowds.

Slider3 1024x516Here's a rendering of new mixed-use retail, complete with "The Lake Market," where future Restonians can.. we dunno, purchase lakes?

Townhomes front viewSome of the townhouses that will replace the current Crescent Apartments. Pretty groovy, in a Mid-Century meets Moderne sort of way. We're mostly happy that the CGI dog is properly leashed, the end.


  1. Somebody smacked that architect upside the head with a fugly stick...

  2. I don't think it's half bad, but I would really love it if it were "The Latke Market" instead of The Lake Market. Who wants a lake? I mean... latkes are delicious.

  3. Will the townhouses have cinder block fire walls between them? If not, I'm not interested. I'll keep my 1960's era solid-as-a-rock townhouse.

  4. Will the retailers still be mom and pop stores? I imagine that with the renovation will come high rents. The only stores that can afford this are chain stores that people like to frequent. ie. starbucks, CVS etc etc etc

  5. its a shame that they are demolishing the out buildings that really make Reston historically significant. the Old Bank building that enclosed that little courtyard, the gas station, the office building, the little store. This shows a real lack of respect for the historical fabric of the original Reston Development, and a real lack of creativity for not weaving these interesting buildings into the new plan.

  6. Its a shame to loose all of these interesting buidings that make up the Original Reston Concept of a all inclusive community. The old bank building that nicely encloses the courtyard, the office building with neat columns and geometry, the unique gas station with curved walls, and the little store with interesting low proportions. It shows a lack of respect for this valuable historic fabric. It also shows a laziness or lack of creativity to not weave this fabric into the new architecture. You know how people like to visit Europe becaue of the layers and layers of history built on top of and beside each other....well we can do that too! and we should weave these irreplacable buildings into the new plan. We deserve not to loose our old buildings just because it does not easily work with the developer's profitable Pro Forma models.

  7. Bowling for BollardsJanuary 27, 2014 at 9:29 PM

    I'm not going to any more meetings or presentations unless the architects include more bollards.


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