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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How Much To Brew Russet Brown Ale? Lake Anne Brew House Launches Kickstarter

With plans to build a nanobrewery and tap room at Lake Anne, Reston is finally getting back to its roots -- the roots of the drunken village of Wiehle, which was built around a distillery which still exists today. Now the Reston couple building the Lake Anne Brew House is turning to Kickstarter to raise money for the locally brewed taproom.

"Heck, we might even name a beer after you," Lake Anne Brew House owners Jason and Melissa Romano say on their Kickstarter site. We can't wait for the Restonian Russet Brown Ale, please, with extra russet.

Give us some good fundraising blockquote, Kickstarter:
We have done all the legwork. We have purchased our amazing lake front space at historic Lake Anne Village Center in the heart of Reston. We have secured our financing and our permits, and we have ordered our basic equipment. We have rallied support from our community and the craft beer community around us, and we have felt the love coming from far and wide. What we really want to do now is push this project over the top. With your support to our KICKSTARTER campaign, we would like to add additional upgraded equipment and systems to make our brewing process even sweeter and more precise, which will allow us to produce an even greater variety of styles and varieties of beer. We would like to upgrade our furniture selections to make your experience in our taproom more comfortable and stylish. And most importantly, we would like to offer you the chance to fund something you believe in and support.
Hey, we believe in and support beer, so why not?

The Romanos hope to open the Brew House sometime this fall. As of today, they have raised $11,229 of their $15,000 goal, and somewhere we know the residents of Wiehle would be proud.

They are not the only purveyor of local food and drink going the donations route: The Bratwurst King is also seeking donations to repair the engine of his food truck, and is about one-third of the way to his goal on GoFundMe. If royalty has to go this route, it must be okay, the end.


  1. Restonian Russet Brown Ale
    DRB Double Bock
    Simon Stout
    NIMBY Bitters
    Bocce Brau
    Silver Line Shandy
    Tetra Tallboy (the most expensive item on the menu; comes in rusted can)

  2. To give due credit to the Lake Anne folks, the Jazz Festival this weekend was wonderful, the Kalypsos team is making things jump, the coffee house will get a new positive energy, and ever so slowly but surely, synergy is developing among this new generation of merchants.

    How 'bout a trolley?

    1. Exactly - it's these types of homegrown businesses that will make Lake Anne the unique/special destination unlike the RTC.


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