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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dubious Architectural Adornments? VY Ask VY


Haha, people thinking the API building's brutalist poured concrete architecture was worthy of preservation. Just look at it! The wrecking ball didn't come a minute too soon!

Oh, wait. This is a few blocks down Sunrise Valley Drive you say? And a building from 2016, not the 1970s? Sadness ensues.

Confidential Restonian Operative "Erin at the Lake" shared these exciting cellular telephone photos of construction work at the vowel-free VY development. She writes:

I made a quick tour of the construction progress on this sleepy black Friday to see what is in store. I was rewarded with the visages attached.


Note the distinguished perforated metal panels! I was also struck by the rectilinear, yet somehow organic wooden treatments on the side of the garage facing Reston Parkway. Is this phase one of some hip new rollercoaster track? Perhaps it is just to subliminally prepare south Restonians' frames of mind as they make pilgrimage to their elite, paid-parking mecca. One thing is for sure. The artsy wooden facade is the right tone of brown and will be "left to weather naturally" in accordance with DRB just like the rest of Reston.
Yep. Those wooden treatments, though. They sort of boggle the mind:


So many questions:

• Are the wooden beams supposed to hide the "massing," as architects probably say, maybe, of the concrete bunker that is the parking garage? If so, wouldn't you need a few more of them?

• Did those metal brackets come from Home Depot, and if so, how many home bathroom renovations will go without towel rods?

• Is the effect supposed to be wavy, as if a 300-ton parking garage is evocative of movement, or is this yet another Reston rounding error?

VY ask VY?


  1. Maybe they're going to use the wooden beams as the supporting structures to grow periwinkle? Oh, wait...yet another banned plant. Good to know the RA's got our backs on the REALLY important stuff.

  2. Ah -- maybe some Wisteria too? English Ivy?

    Going to have to drive by this. I took photos while a modular piece of stairing was placed. This looks really bad and cheap. Imagine if we did this to our homes? The RA would have a cow. Wonder if the wood is responsibly sourced? But it really does look like a HOme Depot sourced construction project. I'm going to back to hiding in my own bunker.

  3. I really hate these perf metal trash panels. The ones @ metro arent even connected straight


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