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Friday, March 4, 2016

Shocker: BLVD Buys A Vowel


Confidential Restonian Operative "Scott" shared these exciting photos surreptitiously taken near Reston's favorite new vowel-free apartment complex, BLVD. There seems to be something wrong with that new sign, which now greets drivers waiting to turn left into the park/kiss/wait in frustration in claustrophobic underground spaces for poorly-timed traffic lights to cycle-and-ride. Let's take a closer look:


Could several years of relentless mockery have precipitated a branding change? Are they seeking to differentiate themselves from the other linguistic convention-flaunting complex rising on the other side of the Toll Road? Or was some anonymous multifamily marketing manager a frustrated game show contestant, like the person at the beginning of this video clip?

Oddly, the apartment complex's fancy "web site", which promises would-be renters "a thrilling life" -- which, when you think about it, beats the heck out of walk-in closets or stainless steel appliances -- remains reassuringly vowel-free. Check it, as the kids don't really say:

Screen Shot 2016 03 04 at 11 06 30 AM

So the mystery continues, and we have to resign ourselves to not knowing the answer. Or, to put it another way, Vy ask Vy?

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  1. Truly, there's no more "thrilling life" than living atop a parking garage overlooking an eight-lane expressway.


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