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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Election Shocker: Reston Does NOT Want To Be Great Again

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The two dozen Republicans people of Reston have spoken, and apparently they do NOT want Reston to be great again. Check this shocking Super Tuesday election map with the unofficial preliminary results, showing our little corner of a nearly county-wide sweep for Marco Rubio:

16 Eln Results

That light green wedge above Rt. 7, right next to Sterling, is one of only a handful of Fairfax County precincts that went for Trump. Clearly they want Seneca to be great again. What's more surprising is that Trump's talk about walls and whatnot apparently didn't resonate in our neighbor to the west, which until fairly recently was all in on things of that ilk.

Of course, Reston is well known for being an archipelago of liberalism even in left-of-center Fairfax County. If there's any place in the south that would vote for Bernie Sanders, who received an unprecedented groundswell of support earlier in the season, it would be here. So how'd he do?


A sea of green for Hillary. So along with not wanting Reston to be great again, we apparently don't want it to be Sweden, either, our flirtation with vaguely Nordic brutalist architecture notwithstanding.


  1. Hillary's victory is unsurprising. I am in awe that so many Repubs in the area are pragmatic on the issue of their candidate. Amongst the three top contenders, Rubio is clearly the smartest man in the room.

  2. Dump Trump, the grumpy frumpy chump, out on his lumpy rump, with a thump and a bump!

  3. I like Bernie better than HIllary, but she's got a better shot of winning, that's all.

  4. ABC- Anybody But Clinton.

    Obama has been a disaster. period. Clinton will be more of the same, and she is completely immoral.

    1. Yes, and Trump is completely moral.


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