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Monday, March 7, 2016

Caddyshackpocalypse Later, And Maybe Never: Developer Abandons Supreme Court Appeal, But Could Still Apply To Build 99-Story Mauvescraper, Or Something, Through Normal Channels


Friday's announcement that the owners of Reston National Golf Course have decided not to pursue their fun appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court after all is terrible news for fans of fanciful concrete bollards and whatnot, but probably slightly better news for the rest of us. Give us some good celebratory blockquote, BFFs at Rescue Reston:

While RN Golf has stated they do not intend to take the case to the Virginia Supreme Court, they are keeping their options open to “pursue additional development options in the future.”

Rescue Reston views this action as a very positive moment in the fight to save the 166 acres of open, recreational space that is integral to Reston’s vision as a Planned Residential Community. We are incredibly grateful for the actions of Reston residents, Rescue Reston members, Reston Association and Fairfax County and in awe of how the community stood together during this arduous process... RN Golf's attorneys could find no legal argument upon which to base a Supreme Court Appeal. However, we must remain vigilant in monitoring and continuing to protect this valuable Reston amenity.

Of course, this legal victory just keeps Northwestern Mutual from declaring it can redevelop the golf course by fiat. It can still go through the regular county process, which, as we've pointed out before, isn't exactly the worst bet in the world. Epecially as other big marquis projects in the area have stalled, county officials might someday find the prospect of sweeeeet tax revenue hard (or at least harder) to resist. Give us some cautionary blockquote, Rescue Reston:
Any land owner can go through the standard Fairfax County process (which includes public hearings) to request a change of their land use designation. The bar is higher for a PRC district, and our Board of Supervisors clarified their standing on our permanent open space when they added stronger wording to the Reston Master Plan regarding both Reston golf courses. For an explanation of Planned Residential Community (PRC) districts, click here. Yes, Reston is unique and special, even in its zoning, yet it can be challenged.
But for now, we can engage in a little legalese-tinged hubris, before we celebrate in true Caddyshack style:


  1. Restonian! You and your blog are a local treasure! Thanks!

  2. Please stop with the crappy 80's movie's boring.

    1. Don't speak ill of the greatest 80s-era joke of all time. Oh, and Caddyshack was actually pretty good too.


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