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Friday, July 8, 2016

Reston's Hottest New Housing Option: You Choose the Caption


Confidential Restonian Operative "Adrian 'Chip' Monk" shared this photo of South Reston's hottest new single occupancy residential unit... or is it? We'll let you pick the caption:

1) Latest edgy IPAR performance art installation depicting Reston residents trapped in their soul-sucking suburban environment

2) RA reveals final design of Leak Lake House, complete with likely users and well under initial renovation budget

3) Fairfax County's proposed studio apartment zoning welcomes its first tenant

4) Test run for entering and exiting new elite parking facilities at Reston Town Center (with metal cages to keep out the teenagers and poors without smartphones riffraff)

5) Contemporary housing with appropriate Millennial-friendly branding: TNY HS

6) Whatever it is, appropriate earth tones ensure it will not be blasted back to the stone age 1963 by the DRB's fleet of drones, the end.


  1. 7)Those who live in plastic houses shouldn't throw Deluxe Seed Mix

  2. 8) The other, slightly less well known Marcel Breuer masterpiece in Reston.

    1. Yes, besides Breuer's API building, you must be referring to the ARI building, the American Rodent Institute. Or as The Donald would say, "What's the difference?"

  3. Wish my family of raccoons would move into a condo like this one!


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