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Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Very Reston Christmas Carol

The Ghost of Christmas Past:

Xmas past

From Reston, Remember When:

Fifty years ago today, on December 18, 1966, Dr. James Christian Pfohl directed The Reston Chorale in an outdoor concert -- billed as "Christmas in a New Town" -- at Lake Anne's Washington Plaza. About 40 members of the new ensemble sang from a tree-shaped platform, including Reston Founder Bob Simon. The Reston Children's Choir formed the base of the tree, conducted by Marion Dillard. Other ensembles performed that day, as well, including the Bram Smith brass repertory ensemble and the choir of Herndon High School. WETA-TV filmed the concert and aired on Christmas Eve. The National Education Television Network also broadcast the concert nationwide throughout the holiday season.

The Ghost of Christmas Present, courtesy of a uniformed federal agent:

Xmas Present

The Ghost of Christmas Future, or really just the Ghost of A Week From Tuesday:

Xmas future

Have a happy healthy elite holiday!

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