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Friday, December 28, 2007

Mauve-colored memories: a brief but informative look back at 2007

So what have we learned in the year rapidly coming to a close? Besides how to use various combinations of the words "mauve," "awesome," and "design review board" to create a blog, that is. Here's a quick recap of the Important Life Lessons we've all learned in and around Reston this year.

• Residents interested in self-determination aren't principled. They're a bunch of radicals.

• In times of corporate uncertainty, don't pick up a copy of What Color is Your Parachute? Instead, rent Footloose.

• Forget cheerleading and band programs. There's no better gauge of a school's academic quality and/or desirability than whether its students play with Bratz.

• Massive developments are best planned on the opposite side of major highways from Metro stations.

• While Reston's fake downtown may hate America, at least, unlike that other planned community in Maryland, it doesn't hate Christmas.

Giant, for lack of a better word, sucks.

• Tysons Corner is too beautiful to be marred by anything as crass as an above-ground rail line. And the closest thing to an Abraham Lincoln its fractious special interests have is a car salesman. It doesn't matter, anyway, 'cuz we've got tons more vacant office space than those prima donnas, anyway.

• Criminal tactics in Reston appear to be escalating from roving gangs armed with sticks to the weapons of mass destruction known as BB guns. Then again, these guys made a ton of collars this year, so it all evens out.

Everybody loves puppies.

• Reston is a hotbed for singles. Well, certain singles, anyway.

• We're popular in Russia.

Foreign visitors love The Reston Museum.

• No matter how scary things get in Reston, they're worse in Loudoun.

Loose lips sink stock prices.

• Reston was inspired by a town in New Jersey. Yes, even North Reston.

• For its enlightened approach to the immigration dilemma and countless other reasons, Herndon is, and always shall be, the anti-Reston.

• And finally, while awesome chain eateries like Ruby Tuesdays and Chili's may come and go, the Macaroni Grill endures. For now, anyway.

Thanks for your patronage, and see you in 2008. Until then, keep your feet on the ground, per the applicable Design Review Board regulations governing reaching for the stars.

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