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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Of spoiled brats and Bratz

More fallout from the ongoing feud between Christine Arakelian and Stu Gibson: a recall petition is apparently making its way around the less "socioeconomically diverse" corners of the Hunter Mill district. But there's more! The people pushing this recall fed the reporter from the Examiner another unprovable allegation:

This issue is bigger than one aggrieved parent. Gibson is the mastermind behind the controversial Western County redistricting, and has reportedly cut a deal with other Board members to exempt some areas from the controversial redistricting.
Clearly, Stu is a bit of a jackass. And the fact that some schools -- cough cough Langley -- aren't part of the redistricting proposals is a bit fishy. But these people are also so concerned about their property values in such economically challenged areas as Oakton Woods they're willing to grasp at any straw to discredit the redistricting process.

On the other hand, the allegation's been posted on another blog associated with a free right-wing "newspaper" that purposely is only distributed in tonier zip codes than the declasse 20190 and 20191, so it must be true. But the point is moot! All folks have to do is go to the next public meeting and read aloud this post from the ongoing high-minded discussions elsewhere online, and we guarantee every member of the school board will tear up, applaud, and rip up all their evil stupid redistricting proposals forever:
The girls that my daughter plays with in Fox Mill play with Barbie dolls, and are not allowed to play with Bratz. In conversations had with the parents, they all agree that Bratz dolls do not convey a positive message, rather they promote slutty clothing, and skanky behavior -- you don't see "Bling Bling Barbie." In the lower class areas, you predominantly see Bratz. In fact, the girls seem to friggin' worship those ridiculous dolls. You see seven year olds in bootie shorts and midriff exposing shirts. You see little girls in high heels. This may seem laughable, and it MAY BE laughable, but it's a small example of the different mentalities of people in diffent classes (for the most part.) I prefer my child to associate with children whose parents have similar beliefs.
Thank you, Margaret Mead. Ladies and gentlemen, the SLHS Class of 2013:

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  1. That editorial was appalling. Why has no one mentioned that Arakelian distributed flyers at her public meetings that had a nice, big picture of her son with an accompanying description of all his problems.
    She was clearly using her son as a campaign prop and got pissed off as soon as Gibson responded to defend himself. Effing ridiculous.
    One thing that is indisputable, that the examiner didn't mention, was even though she revealed all this information publicly, it still didn't give Stu a right to talk about it. So you could take that argument.


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