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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Here's that post all you Googlers have been waiting for

The Virginia Department of Education has supported a complaint by one-time school board candidate Christine Arakelian ("If I thought Reston was bad, I wouldn't live here") against Hunter Mill School Board member Stu Gibson.

The letter, dated Nov. 27, said that it found Fairfax County Public Schools and Gibson in noncompliance with requirements regarding confidentiality of student records.

The complaints came after Arakelian said Gibson revealed and discussed the school records of her child, a student in Fairfax County Public Schools, during this year's election campaign.

Gibson contends that any information he discussed had previously been disclosed publicly by Arakelian.

The VDOE "is wrong because what [the investigator] found was that I disclosed something from a protected record. All I did was disclose something she put on the Internet,” he said. ...

That Arakelian herself had previously disclosed details of her son's education record is “moot,” Millward found.
Yeah, that probably wasn't the most savvy of excuses for a school official to make. Otherwise, they could just as easily quote something from this site as fact ("They're building a moat around Reston?")

Of course, the election's been over for more than a month now. But for some reason, this whole dispute has been seized upon by opponents of the ongoing South Lakes redistricting brouhaha, presumably as proof that Gibson is evil and hates puppies and wants to personally ensure that their children get beaten up by "socioeconomically diverse" classmates on a daily basis once they're wrenched from their perfect home schools. At least that's the gist of the ongoing online discussions. Today's choice nugget:
That is EXACTLY why I moved out of Reston, where I lived (off of Glade Drive, a mile away from Stonegate) since 1984, to Fox Mill Estates when I bought my home ten years ago.

But you chose to buy a house there. The statistics have not changed much in the twenty three years I have lived in this area. I do have to say that the crime has improved a bit thanks to the influx of businesses. You don't hear of someone getting raped on the paths every week anymore, and I can actually drive through Stonegate without the imminent fear of being shot. Still wouldn't walk through there though.

Agreed! That's why I feel they should reduce the governmnet projects by 50% and relocate the other 50% elsewhere. Reston and Herndon has become the Mecca for lazy, underachieving welfare recipients and illegal aliens. It needs to stop!
We've said it before, we'll say it again: It's all about the band programs.

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    School Board votes not to appeal notice of violation issue by the Virginia Department of Education and to undertake remedial educate of school board members on privacy rights of students.


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