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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Like Nixon, they have a secret plan

You know those four awesome redistricting options Fairfax County cooked up to solve problems with South Lakes High School and its neighboring schools once and for all? Well, not so much.

Dean Tistadt, chief operating officer for facilities and transportation services, called the ideas a starting point. "I would be surprised if any of these scenarios ended up being presented . . . to the School Board," he told the crowd last night.
That meeting, the second in a series of three planned to discuss South Lakes redistricting, drew another 2,000 parents, all presumably worried about their respective schools' band programs.

Along with none of the four options being considered, apparently the idea of making SLHS a magnet school is off the table, too. Ahead of the meeting, there was lots of chatter about a "secret" plan, a so-called "Option 5" that the South Lakes PTSA cooked up accompanied by a host of scary winged monkeys, like it was Nixon's secret plan to end the war in Vietnam or something. It's actually up on their Web site (PDF), along with talking points about the four other plans. Basically, option 5 moves the Madison Island to South Lakes, along with East Floris and Fox Mill elementary schools. Navy Elementary would go to Oakton. The argument? It disrupts the smallest number of students. But what's the fun in that?

In the meantime, SLHS students have taken their own stand -- they've created a Facebook group called "For those who hate South Lakes, we don't want you at our school, anyway."
Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the changing of districts for students to attend schools. Of course, south lakes has the reputation of being ghetto and unsafe, and that we have horrible academics.

Obviously the people who influenced this reputation the most don't attend south lakes.

So here's a group to show that we don't care what you think, because if you hate our school, we hate you.
Immature? Possibly. We only wish they could follow the example their elders continue to show them in their own anonymous online discussions:
>>just cranked up my sound system and Latin music is filling the air. Some SL kids are making their way to our party...

>>Maybe your kid can get a job cooking hotdogs for the concession stand at my kids' games. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

>>"All walks of life" you say?!? I'll go scout out some homeless alcoholics and pimps if you take care of the child molesters and porn stars. Also, could someone scout out the recent Irish-American, British-American, and Holland-American immigrants?! We don't have anyone with accents! Ohhh the inhumanity of it all!





>>You people have way too much time on your hands. No wonder the school board is asking for another billion dollars. They have to keep paying to entertain all of you with your stupid border issues.
Send you kids to school, tell them to shut up and listen and stop all your bitching.
We won't even get into the argument people keep having over whether people were saying "advantaged" or "disadvantaged" on this TV clip.

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