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Friday, November 30, 2007

Well, it's closed. Now what do we write about?

Yesterday was the final day for the Tall Oaks Giant, which we've written about once or twice. So we did a bit of that "citizen journalism" all the cool kids are talking about and visited the store one last time. Also, we needed some frozen waffles and maple syrup.

The store was a beehive of activity at midmorning, but much of it came from the folks dismantling shelves and running inventory on the remaining dented canned goods and $5.99 videos (anyone want to see Santa Clause 3: Down the Chimney and Direct to Video?) A security guard wandered around the front of the store, making sure no one left with an unauthorized souvenir or a bottle of Super G peppercorns. A few desultory customers were wandered the store in a daze, and the one cash register open was decorated with kids' cards saying things like "We'll miss you."

It's the end of an era, and quite possibly, the end of Tall Oaks as a viable commercial center, at least until it's demolished and replaced with something even more awesome and less stucco-y. And yet, we're left with one overwhelming question: Does Safeway Select cola taste as good as Super G cola?

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