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Thursday, November 8, 2007

If you ever wanted to start that little antique shop/coffeehouse combination, here's your chance

Once the Tall Oaks Giant closes its doors later this month, more than half the space in the shopping center will be vacant:

By the end of this month, the total empty square feet will reach 49,366, double the amount of occupied space, which will be 24,634 square feet.
Ouch. Of course, Reston's brilliant design aesthetic of literally pointing shopping centers away from major roadways might have a teensy bit to do with this. But for you budding entrepreneurs out there, there's a variety of floor space options available:
The former Burger King space is available for either the complete package with 3,300 square feet or two separate spaces of 1,525 and 1,828. The price for that space is $36 per square foot.

The space that used to house a Video Warehouse is available as a whole space of 4,320 square feet or separately as 2,745 and 1,573 square feet respectively. Those are available for $35 per square foot.

Two additional properties are available for lease on the lower level, one with 1,980 square feet and the other with 1,003. The lower-level properties are less expensive than the upper level ones, with leasing prices of $23 per square foot.
You heard it here first: To help breach the "digital divide," Restonian is thinking of leasing the Burger King space, so we can use the drive-thru window to hand out printouts of this wonderful site to folks who have cars but don't have computers. Thank you, come again!

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