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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reston's Vibrant Economy Part 8: Time to re-rent that DVD of Footloose

New Sprint Nextel CEO Daniel R. Hesse says the company, once again, is considering moving the company's headquarters from Reston. This, after they promised they wouldn't on a company blog! Is nothing sacred? If you can't trust a blog... oh, never mind.

Hesse lives near Embarq's headquarters in Overland Park, Kan., Sprint's former home. The company's operational base, with about 13,000 employees, remains there. About 4,500 employees and executives work in Reston.

"One of the things I will evaluate is whether we should consolidate to one headquarters or not and where that headquarters ought to be," Hesse said yesterday in an interview. "I've not made any decisions yet."
Hmm. Hesse lives in Kansas. He's here to "fix" Sprint Nextel, which means his tenure is likely to be about as long as that of a night shift manager at an urban fast-food joint. So no opportunity to rack up elite status with those frequent flier miles. Also -- and this is the clincher -- you can't get corn fritters at the Macaroni Grill.

No word on whether relocating families will get a copy of the documentary Footloose to ease in the transition.

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