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Friday, October 19, 2007

Reston's vibrant economy, pt. 4

Sprint Nextel has now definitively said they're not moving to the hinterlands of Kansas. Of course, they said this on a new "internal company blog," and we all know how accurate those can be.

Reston-based Homebuilder Comstock reported that it sold 81 houses during the 3rd quarter. Yay! So much for the collapsing housing market! Oh, wait. In the same breath, they added that 78 of those home sales were summarily canceled. If our math is correct, that leaves a grand total of.... 3 houses sold. That's one a month -- not bad if you're a Realtor showing people around Reston's finer stucco and plasterboard creations, but not so much if you're a major homebuilder.

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