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Thursday, December 27, 2007

At least it's one less inane video on YouTube

Turns out the same guy got ejected from the final awesome redistricting meeting for trying to videotape the proceedings--again.

Hunter Mill resident Bruce Bennett was escorted out of the third boundary meeting on Wednesday at Oakton High School after he was told he was not allowed to videotape the proceedings.

This follows an ejection from the second meeting on Dec. 3 for the same reasons. Bennett videotaped without incident at the first meeting on Nov. 12.

Bennett maintains that disallowing citizens to videotape the boundary meetings violates Virginia Code 2.2-3707 that reads “any person may photograph, film, record or otherwise reproduce any portion of a meeting required to be open.”

Bennett is considering legal action against Fairfax County Public Schools, but said he is waiting until the new year.
It's behavior like this that led one newspaper to label this entire process an exercise in "Russian-style democracy". To paraphrase a great comic mind, in Fairfax County, school redistricting meetings videotape you! What a county....

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