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Friday, December 30, 2022

Another Year, Another Listicle: What's Hot and Not in Reston for 2023

As another year comes to a close in our plastic fantastic planned community, it's once again time for us to reflect on the year just past--and what's to come.  Enjoy this oh-so-original listicle format, and here's to a happy, appropriately earth-toned new year.


Silver Line Phase 2 grand opening

A far, far more important grand opening
Hanging out with our besties at Clyde's

Crowding around our recently obtained scale model of a 1930s schooner in the sunken living room
Sexy DRB meetingsNot-so-sexy Comprehensive Plan meetings
Watching teevee (or at least PBS
Reading books
Reston's Russian connectionLiteral, not symbolic, bears
X-rated bike trails in ViennaNude pickleball in Reston
Mixed-use communitiesGated communities
Paying RA dues
Using the money to own a piece of RTC-adjacent property
Issac Newton SquareIssac Newton quadrilaterals
Hanging out in a true livable community, which apparently involves Gastby's Tavern

Invasive plants as an excuse for widespread redevelopment

Just goin' for it

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