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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Meanwhile To Our East, A Different Kind Of Viva Vienna

We're just a short spandex-clad bike ride from our earth-toned neighbor to our east, Vienna -- where the business district is filled with buildings painted such a narrow range of beiges and browns they make the DRB (hunter) green with envy. But who knew it was a haven of the kind of behavior you'd expect from a tawdry singles group -- or the aforementioned DRB meetings?

Here's the latest from the police blotter:

A resident contacted the police on May 23 after seeing “a man without clothes get inside a hot tub.”

The unwanted encounter occurred around 11 a.m. that day while the resident was walking his dog on the Washington & Old Dominion Trail past the 400 block of Fellini Court SE.

“Officers responded to the residence where the hot tub was located and spoke to the homeowner about the incident,” police said.

Talk about Viva Vienna! Although, to be fair, the aforementioned spandex-wearing folks on the W&OD don't leave much more to the imagination, the end.

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