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Thursday, January 20, 2022

DRB After Dark: There's More to Online RA Meetings Than Inscrutable Pictures of Vents

(For once, this is not one of our arrows. You can tell because it's tasteful and proportional.) 

Can't sleep? Hate enjoying yourself for even one moment of our Live, Work, Play existence? Need to perform emergency surgery but don't have a sedative handy? Well, the Reston Association is Here To Help, with its long-running collection of videos from its various meetings, including the DRB's regular confabs, which often clock in at more than three hours -- plenty of time for that emergency appendectomy or to get halfway through a sleepless night.

You might think these video recordings of meetings are mind-numbingly boring unless you're one of the "affected parties" trying to, wedunno, replace a light fixture that hasn't been manufactured since Nixon was president or still needs to be lit by an old-timey itinerant gas-lighter or something. And you'd be right! But a Confidential Restonian Operative clued us into something important -- the real fun is in the Zoom chats. Check out this screen grab from the chat during a meeting sometime last year (names blurred to protect the innocent, and apparently the horny):


Sadly, it doesn't appear that the RA posts the chat transcripts along with the videos, so for this kind of filth, you have to watch live, presumably with a martini and pipe in hand. But who knew listening to discussions about, wedunno, storm drains and ducts and beams and pipes and shafts could have this effect on people?

If you'll excuse us, we need to take a cold shower, the end.

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