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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

In Reston, Shelves Empty You! Soviet-Style Empty Grocery Shelves Perplex Those Without Access to a Newspaper, Teevee

The sight of empty shelves at grocery stores around Reston this weekend shocked and perplexed many. 

We almost feel like a snowstorm that completely shut down major interstates in two states on top of a resurgent pandemic that is leading to record numbers of positive cases and causing underappreciated service workers to reconsider their career trajectories assuming they're not calling in sick as a result of the aforementioned pandemic, all in advance of yet another possible snowstorm that is leading to the usual panic buying, might have a negligible impact on our lives! 

Or maybe... it's lazy workers making excuses?

We couldn't agree more! Why can't they stop making excuses and do what the rest of us "knowledge workers" do and just hold more Zoom meetings to come up with a "waterfall," or whatever, to stock some virtual shelves with some virtual bread, virtual milk, and virtual toilet paper?

In conclusion, let's not blame the people among us who have faced the greatest day-to-day challenges during the pandemic. Instead, let's use the Internet to discuss what God intended us to use it for:

That's more like it. Forgive us if we get a bit emotional.

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