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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Clydespocalypse Now: We Browse the RTC Clyde's Auction So You Don't Have To

The Clydespocalypse is upon us, but fear not, lovers of boat models and biplanes: The iconic Reston Town Center eatery's collection of tchotchkes is currently up for auction, meaning you can relive all those boozy weekend brunches in the comfort of your own sunken living room or conversation pit.

There's some genuinely interesting stuff from Clyde's Reston location, like art prints and model boats and all kinds of horsey stuff if you're into that sort of thing. A bunch of their tables are also up for auction in case you want to start your own restaurant. At the risk of being outbid, here's what we've got our eyes on:

Lots of these replica airplanes are up for auction, but we'll wait for a scale model of Fairfax One we can hang on our ceiling and annoy guests by asking "why is the chopper overhead?" until they stop coming over.

Can't wait to put these "large elk statues" in the front yard! Can't wait for the letter from the DRB!

We'll need some way of communicating once Elon Musk turns Twitter into a howling hellscape of white supremacists. Or more of one, anyway.

This vintage saddle would make drivers look twice as you streak across Wiehle on your bike without stopping.

Ever been to one of the library booksales?  Or the Herndon Festival Carnival? This would come in handy in both places.

No truth to the rumor that the Reston Association is building a full-size replica to patrol the lakes in search of boats without current stickers.

So bid early and often! Sadly, a screengrab of the equally iconic ParkRTC app is not among the items up for auction, the end.

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  1. Rumor has it that Clyde's will resurface as some sort of Old Ebbitts Grill concept at Reston Station. Time will tell...


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