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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

No Carpentry Squares Required: More Quadrilaterals, Weirdly Elevated Tree Coming To Reston Station

Now that, at long last, the fancypants, actually-designed-by-a-real-architect parallelogram rhombus looming over Reston Station’s “civic plaza,” if by “civic” you mean “allowing banner-sized ads for employees running for public office,” finally has an anchor tenant, it’s time to think big! No, we don’t mean a CVS or a hotel or a new burger place or even a pizza joint, but more fancypants office buildings on the other side of the Toll Road that, in the true spirit of Reston’s aging housing stock, eschew 90-degree angles! Give us some exciting unpaywalled blockquote, BFFs at the Washington Business Journal:

The new building, pictured on the left, would complement the existing building at 1900 Reston Metro Plaza. The new building will be developed on part of Commerce Metro Center.
Designed by the same architect — Helmut Jahn — this fancy glass boi looks like it’s leaning across the Toll Road to embrace its transit-oriented bestie. But it’s… different. Different enough that we had to search “Types of Quadrilaterals” to accurately describe the new building and its pals. Turns out the new building is actually the parallelogram, or maybe a rhombus, while the existing one, what with its tapering angles, is technically an isosceles trapezoid. You’re welcome! (We can’t tell what the other proposed buildings on the south side of the Toll Road are, except maybe the less well-known Blocks With Weird Growths category of irregular "quadris," as the nerdy kids in Geometry class maybe called them, once).

So yay! We’ve said before that we’re happy with anything that doesn’t look like an off-the-shelf piece of airport access road architecture, and these are actually… nice!

But wait, what’s that in the top right of the new parallelogram?

A giant tree, or a tree-like An Art, suspended in a glass trapezoid about 10 stories above the Toll Road? A bit on the nose, Comstock, but okay!

But What Does It All Mean? Our BFFs at Reston Station had this to say in a comment to an article at Reston Now:

Much more is coming! The Reston Station neighborhood will include additional dining options (including upscale), as well as entertainment, retail and service offerings to compliment the office, residential and hotels being developed by Comstock. The Reston Station neighborhood covers nearly 40 acres stretching from Sunrise Valley Drive to Sunset Hills Road and when fully built, Reston Station will be one of the largest mixed-use and transit-oriented neighborhoods in the DC region. And with a Metro Station in the middle of the neighborhood, it will be unlike any other neighborhood currently being development at any of the Silver Line stations.
Comstock’s earlier bets on building on spec — a relative rarity in commercial development — seem to be paying off, and already a new, sadly square, office building on the north side of the Toll Road is well underway. And if this weekend’s color scheme is any indication, maybe they’re teasing us again with possible tenants.

Here’s hoping it’s a mustard company!


  1. Meanwhile, Comstock's employee of the month, or at least the election season, has raised more than $250,000 for her bid for the Board of Supervisors primary. A good chunk of that is from her employer and other developers. That'll buy a lot of permits for whatever shape they want!

  2. Care to speculate what kind of crazy lights the future rhombus is going to spot or is it too early to speculate before the fact? Gotta think of the "native" fauna (tropical mosquitoes) inhabiting the area (Lake Thoreau) after all!

    1. Have it on good authority that there will be no neon, but a giant banner with Maggie Parker's face


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