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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Bing.Com "Reston Commercial Real Estate Deals," Because A Big One Is (Probably) Coming

Please to be enjoying this crappy cellular telephone photo of our favorite parallelogram at Reston Station. Do those colors look familiar? (Albeit reversed, all the easier to be appreciated by visiting Silicon Valley executives coming the other direction from the airport.)

Looks like the rumors are true. It also looks like Comstock's decision to put a few extra bucks into adding the "festive shroud" color-changing neon adornments to everyone's favorite rhomboid just paid off, the end.


  1. Go Ogle!
    I predict housing prices will skyrocket! We’re all going to be rich!

  2. I do believe the best part about this location is that it is within walking distance of the McTacoHut!

  3. Anyone know why they stopped displaying the Google colors? Did the deal fall through or did they get spanked for jumping the gun?


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