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Friday, December 28, 2018

Not An Opportunity For Public Input: The Definitive List Of What's Hot And What's Not In Reston for 2019

Finally, a new photo to replace the old standby that we've repeatedly used in these year-end wrap-ups to capture the je ne sais quoi of life in Reston! 2018 has certainly been an interesting year in our plastic fantastic planned community. We've learned that "Grand Parks" trump golf, the county could care less about public input, and that Wegmans, like hope, springs eternal. We've said goodbye to some of our stucco friends from years past, and hello to more than 10 million square feet of approved Reston awesomeness. What a time to be part of an unincorporated HOA with limited control of its destiny alive!

As always, keeping up with the pace of change in Reston can be as tough as figuring out where to park in our ersatz downtown. Here's our handy, totally original, crib sheet of what's in and out for 2019:


Skinny peopleSkinnier garages
County officials feigning interest in public input"Not an opportunity for public input"
HQ2Um... a CVS maybe?
Waiting for WegmansWaiting for free chicken as the economy implodes
Stucco village centersSix-figure populations
Golf courses"Grand Parks," LOL
WoonerfMassive tomes detailing a variety of lowest common denominator design elements
Vowel-free names to attract millennialsAvocado toast
Brutalist buildingsBrutalist public art
Complaining about paid parkingGrabbing a cheap plastic flag and running for it
Comically oversized toiletriesFar-from-oversized property values
Parallelograms90-degree angles
Appalachian Spring
Red Velvet
Bike Lane
Edibles Incredible
Obi Sushi
Dawn Baby
Hen Penny
Um... a lobster roll place and Lululemon?
Filthy "web logs"Filthier Twitter memes

Thanks, all, for coming along for the ride with us. Here's to another great year, and maybe upwards of a dozen "web log" posts in 2019, the end.

1 comment:

  1. Would the lobster roll purveyor be a lobsterollery?

    Lobsterollery > Cupcakery, so RTC is becoming more elite by the second!

    Also, you forgot the always deserted home of $150/lb kobe beef, the Balducci's, but it'll likely close within six months anyway.


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