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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

See Ya 2020, The Russet Brown Of Reston Years

2020 has been.... interesting, as Reston's starring role in a potential pandemic was supplanted by the real thing. We wore masks, and complained when people didn't! We protested! And we baked a lot of bread.... and maybe a few other things

One thing that hasn't changed is our commitment, here at this filthy "web log," to document what's hot and what's not as we ring in 2021 in our plastic fantastic planned community. Without further ado, let the lazy listicle trenchant analysis begin!

Spreading COVID on golf coursesSpreading particleboard
developments on golf courses,
though hopefully no time soon?

Woonerf (RIP)

Dystopian cityscapes
Reston: The SofaReston: The Underpass
Best BuyWorst Buy
Elite grocery storesWEGMANS, at some point
Neo-Nazi jerksLiterally ANYTHING else
Mocking TysonsMocking Ashburn, now and always

Celebrity sightings

BASE jumper
McTacoHut (RIP)McHouses 
Jokes about RTC parkingJokes about 420' mauvescraper
Reston: The Magazine (RIP)Filthy "web logs," now and always

After this year, we're all graduates, though hopefully not this kind. 

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