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Monday, November 2, 2020

Day of the Dead: Chainpocalypse Now As Best Buy Closes

Confidential Restonian Operative "Quinn" sends along this cellular telephone photo of signage being removed from the Reston Best Buy at the Graveyard of Macaroni Grills and Bookstores Spectrum Center. 

Pour one out, as the kids haven't said for at least a decade, for yet another midscale chain store closing. The purveyor of $39 DVD players and, wedunno, smart dishwashers and superfluous service agreements? -- closed Oct. 31 after opting not to renew its lease

Given the ongoing decline of big box stores and the fact that the entire sprawly Spectrum complex (save for the part with Harris Teeter at the other end) has been approved for redevelopment, who knows what -- if anything -- will take its place. Maybe the neighboring Container Store can expand into the now-vacant space and become Containers, Bed, Bath, Books, Pets, Coffee, Lumber, Banking, and Beyond, the end.

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