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Monday, August 19, 2013

Flashback Monday: Welcome to the Monkey House

We all know the story about Reston's most famous export, the Ebola Reston virus that, from its humble beginnings in a lab on Isaac Newton Square, became the star of a best-selling book before resurfacing in the Philippines and China.

Well, we've found a treasure trove of photos from the lab online, and even though they were posted in the 1990s, they're New to Us. Taken (hopefully) after the Army essentially nuked the building with bleach and formaldehyde, most of them are pretty boring, like this:

Almost as nightmare-inducing as the potential of a deadly and massively contagious virus "jumping" to humans is the thought of those sweeeeeeeet vertical blinds and awesome oak cabinetry "jumping" to other Reston homes as 1970s architects became infected with the dreaded Earth-Tone Virus.

But we digress. Another website quotes the Hot Zone in describing the total desolation of the building once it had been cleaned by the Men in Black:
For a short while until life could re-establish itself there, the Reston Primate Quarantine Unit was the only building in the world where nothing lived, nothing at all.
And, as proof that human optimism is ever eternal:

For Sale.jpg
And, as we all know, the building was torn down and became, of all things, a daycare center, because why not, the end.


  1. they could fill it back up with small, infectious primates.

  2. The local north county outpatient mental health facility was located around the corner from there. I often wondered if this was something more than just a coincidence.

  3. I recall the Reston Times quoting an official spokesperson that there was a small, contained chemical spill. "There is no danger. No danger at all."


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