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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Keep Hope, Higher Electric Bills Alive As We Ring In The New Year

The endless "were those gunshots or fireworks I just heard?" posts on Nextdoor have been replaced by endless "when do they pick up the Christmas trees?" posts, so we know we're in the new year, and not a moment too soon! But don't take down the holiday lights just yet, say the folks at Reston Hospital Center. Give us some social media-friendly blockquote, BFFs at Facebook:

Holiday lights provide an emotional boost to everyone who sees them. In this challenging year, these lights have become for many a sign of normalcy and hope. That’s why this January, we are asking everyone to keep their holiday lights up to thank these healthcare heroes for all they are doing to help our community fight this pandemic. Whether these lights decorate the outside of your business, your community, or your home, Keep Your Lights Up For Healthcare Heroes. (Through January 31st.)

So don't call the DRB if your neighbor's ticky-tacky light display or giant inflatable reindeer is still up. You can find other reasons to be annoyed by them

Here's hoping that 2021 will be a better year. This other bit of recent news from Reston Hospital Center is a hint that it might be:

A happy (or happier) New Year, indeed.

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