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Friday, January 8, 2021

New Year, Same Old Lake Anne Business Closures (Updated)

As we enter a new year, two three Lake Anne businesses -- Teapot and Cake, Local VA, and longtime mainstay Cafe Montmartre -- have closed; the former permanently, the latter last two temporarily. Check out the post below on Instagram, where we go for all our business news:


In recent years, there's been surprising stability at Lake Anne Plaza, which has been nice to see. But if what the Local VA folks allege about heating/AC in their unit is true, it seems like there's something else that's been stable: landlord-tenant relationships so out of wack with market conditions that Fairfax County devoted a big chunk of a report to them nearly a decade ago, the end. 

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  1. Add in Cafe Montmartre, Reston's hidden gem. Temporarily, I pray.


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