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Monday, September 28, 2020

Restonians' Inhumanity to Restonians: A Children's Gallery of Internet Civility, ca. Late 2020

As global pandemics that unravel the social and economic fabrics of our society go, this has been a long one. We're all a little stressed! Fortunately, those of us who Live, Work, Play and Get Involved (tm) in Reston can draw from our plastic fantastic planned community's longstanding good vibes of neighborhoodiness and--wait, what's this?

Note that we, as Respectable Web Loggers On Your Side, blurred the faces; neither the original mask-shaming poster nor the High Sheriffs at Reston Patch Dot Com saw any reason to do so. Which likely led to this cheerful follow-up to the (now-deleted) post:

But mask-shaming works both ways! Here's another comment found on the spot where we (frankly) expected to see the first one, Next Door Neighbor Dot Com:

Meanwhile, when a more serious issue raised its ugly head -- the murder of a woman who was shot and killed near Colts Neck Road and Glade Drive on Sept. 17 (and who has still not been identified more than a week later) -- it was an opportunity for a little casual racism:

And more of the usual North/South Reston comparisons:

We're not sure about that. "Great" Falls has more than its share of hardened criminals and welfare recipients, at least of the charging-the-gubmint-$700-for-a-toilet-seat variety.

And finally, a post on Next Door Neighborhood Dot Com that made us a little bit sad.

If you see someone wandering around Lake Anne who doesn't have cooties, maybe just say hello?

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