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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Someone Painted Swastikas All Over North Point. Then Something Good Happened.

As if nothing else was on people's minds these days, we awoke yesterday to the news that someone spray painted swastikas all over North Point Village Center in Reston -- albeit poorly. Many appeared backwards, and something that might have been an attempt at a star of David turned out like a regular five-point star you'd get on a third-grade worksheet, so um, let's just say that maybe these folks aren't exactly accustomed to being rewarded for their intellectual efforts and leave it at that.

But we digress. You can find photos of the hateful graffiti elsewhere, but instead of giving these folks any more attention, we'll share how people responded, including what's turning out to be our own paramilitary tagging operation:

A group of neighbors bought lunch for the workers who cleaned the spray paint and left a sign that read: "We are Reston Strong! Hate has no place here!"

"Reston and the Hunter Mill District have a long history of inclusion and racial and ethnic diversity," Hunter Mill District Supervisor Walter Alcorn said in a statement. "Acts of hate will not be tolerated. And vandalism and hate crimes are both criminal acts. Throughout this pandemic we have witnessed tremendous community spirit and goodness and I am confident that will continue."

Love > Hate.

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