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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Reston's Plague Year: Week 9 (Updated 5/19)

Openings and closings: RA announced that its summer camp programs are officially canceled for the summer. On other amenities:

The association will determine how many pools will open depending on the number of staff that can complete a water rescue test, which cannot be completed online. RA hopes to have enough qualified and certified staff by July 1 to ensure that a minimum of four pools are fully staffed and operational. It’s also unclear when tennis courts will be open. Depending on when social distancing requirements are relaxed in Northern Virginia, some tennis courts would be open in June.
But then there’s this!

One of the saddest stories of our coronatime — the disappearance of 75 year old Michael Delaney from Reston Hospital last Sunday — continues. While the active search was called off late last week, today the Virginia State Police issued a senior alert.

Over the weekend, dozens of people participated in a community search.

You can follow the ongoing search on this Facebook group. Here’s one lead that’s been shared (click to maybe make readable):

One person’s efforts to show what six feet looks like on Reston trails.

Some Good News, as some less famous rando “video web logger” put it, maybe on the Tik Toks or something:

More of that Some Good News: Reston grocery stores are more or less well-stocked these days.

The bad news? Sexist bread has, like nature, returned during these less crowded times. Courtesy of Confidential Restonian Operative “Erin”:

“While Safeway can't stock frozen foods, we do have plenty of sexist croissants!” CRO “Erin” observes.

The ‘Nature is Healing’ meme is getting a bit crazy. First, the neighborhood foxes are taking what is rightfully theirs:

Bears have been spotted around Reston, because why not.

If that wasn't unnerving enough, the unimpeachable source of animalia, Nextdoor, has been rife with a heated discussion about whether feline creatures seen around Reston are bobcats or cougars.

For comedic purposes, most people have gone with the latter:

Hey, if a former president can make a Tiger King reference, so can folks on Nextdoor.

But not all nature is out to get us (or our doggie toys):

All together (but socially distant) now: Awwwwwww.

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