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Friday, December 29, 2017

Yet Another Elite Year Gone By: Our Annual Look at What's Hot and What's Not for 2018

You know, this photo is a half-decade old, but it still seems to capture the perpetual, um, zeitgeist that was living in our plastic fantastic planned community in 2017. So once again, we're offering our annual, totally original What's Hot/What's Not list for 2018. Brace yourself for paid parking jokes and the inevitable sense of giant mauvescrapers crowding us in, yet take consolation in an arbitrary numerical ranking that places us incrementally higher than the particleboard hellscape just to our west. Happy New Year!

Sweet 80s landmarksWegmans, maybe, eventually
Our Russian overlordsOur zoning overlords
Hating on 'Hate' signsCivil discourse
DevelopmentsplainingEerie empty mauvescrapers
Being 1 better than AshburnX-rated parks
Il Fornaio at RTC
Bebe at RTC
Ann Taylor at RTC
Appalachian Spring at RTC
Teavana at RTC
M&S Grill at RTC
The other M&S at RTC
Neyla at RTC
Um, er, an elite selfie experience?
Exciting viral videosSponsored content (at v. v. reasonable rates!)
Worrying about seemingly inevitable redevelopment of Reston National Golf CourseWorrying about seemingly inevitable redevelopment of Hidden Creek Golf Course
"We can't stop development waiting for roads to be built."Waiting in endless traffic for roads to be built
Overcrowding public hearings ironicallyOrganized opposition to arbitrary proposals, maybe
Elite butterfliesCommonplace immobilizers


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