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Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Shocker: Did Tysons Steal Our Metro Station's Rad '80s Art?

Metro art

Constant Readers know that from the very first day the Silver Line was a gleam in county planners' eyes, one of the things we've been most excited about is the prospect of rad 80s art festooning the Metro station and the bollardy buildings sprouting up around it. Sweet pastels, angled lines, futuristic structures -- what's not to like?

So we've been tolerating the blandness of our sterile, Logans Run-looking station, porcine interlocutors and wavy power cables notwithstanding. Even the delays of getting the sweeet new rail cars with the throwback interiors on the Silver Line hasn't dissuaded us. We knew that some day, our sweeeeet 80s art would come.

Or will it?

Imagine our surprise when we stumbled across this "press release" forwarded to us by the airports authority, which as the name suggests, manages a rail project. Entitled "New Public Art Display Debuts at McLean Station," it goes on to talk about a "colorful series of glass panels" that include "bold images for impact while containing small intricate details and text that are best seen close up." Then we saw... the picture.


The resemblance is... uncanny. Did Tysons steal our rad 80s art? Is it an act of revenge for us stealing their rad 80s steakhouse?

We have no answers, just an empty space in our hearts larger than the hole in the schedule whenever trains are "single tracking" on weekends evenings whenever those rare occasions, the end.

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