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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Caddyshackpocalypse Now: Reston National Owners Appeal to Virginia Supreme Court

UnknownAs widely expected, the owners of Reston National Golf Course are appealing the recent court ruling that basically closed the door to the idea of converting said golf course into after-hours storage units for urban mobile professionals, their Ford Foci, and various fixed-gear bikes and whatnot without going through normal zoning channels. (Which, BTW, isn't necessarily the worst bet in the world for an ambitious developer in FAR-happy FxCo. But we digress.) So, um, happy holidays!

"RN Golf has filed their Notice of Appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court in the matter of the land use designation of Reston National Golf Course. RN Golf (partially owned by Northwestern Mutual) claims by right development," Rescue Reston said in an email today. "Our Fairfax County Supervisors, Attorneys and Zoning Administrator adamantly disagree. Reston, like two other areas in Fairfax County, is a Planned Residential Community District which is unique and misunderstood by outside speculators."

That means more time and expense for Rescue Reston and others who are inexplicably in favor of the verdant tedium of open space -- which of course, is all part of the plan.

"The Grinch is trying to steal Christmas, as we expected. RN Golf, backed by the deep pockets of Northwestern Mutual, knows the legal option is their only near term chance of success, so they are going for it," Rescue Reston said.

This is all terribly depressing, if not exactly a shocker, so here is a picture of an off-brand Grinch in a golf cart, the end.

Grinch Cart ds

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