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Thursday, March 13, 2014

But is it Art? Weird Structures at Wiehle Metro Station Beg the Question

While we wait, with not-so-bated breath, to see when Metro's Silver Line might actually open (the newest bit of news on that: after April 9, the contractors will be fined $25,000 a day until the remaining problems are resolved, with a $2.3 million fine on top of that about three months later), we keep getting tantalizing glimpses of our futuristic Metro station and its artistic adornments.

First, we learned our beloved fanciful concrete bollards are neither so fanciful nor particularly concrete. Now, there's this, from our BFFs at the Connection:


So, what exactly are we looking at? Is this some fancy, post-modern artistic statement, with these multicolored tubes swaying in the wind, evoking in the weary commuter's mind the tall grasses of a sylvan field or tropical paradise as they trudge into the Habitrail walkway for their 41-minute jaunt downtown? Or are they just electrical cables for as-of-yet uninstalled, but undoubtedly fanciful, light fixtures to guide them home after a long day strapping bombs to dolphins at their contracting gig? The mind boggles.

And most important of all: Where is our rad '80s art? Inquiring minds want to know, the end.


  1. My guess is they're part of the (very) as-of-yet-uninstalled hotel (disguised as a post-modern artistic statement).

  2. That image is very similar to Red Square as the crowds start to gather for the annual May Day Parade. Onward, Comrades!

  3. Wow, those stringy red things will be an AWESOME windbreak on a cold winter's day! They obviously were designed by someone who has never stood outside in February to wait for a train.


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