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Friday, March 14, 2014

On the YouTubes: An Old-Fashioned Scavenger Hunt, With New-Fangled Selfies

If you've got nothing better to do this weekend, our BFFs at the Reston Museum have this on offer: a fancy YouTube video "scavenger hunt," with 18 locations from the upcoming movie "The Reston Story" (not to be confused with Reston: The Video Contest). Alls you got to do is find each of the locations in the video, identify it, take a "selfie," as the kids today like to say, and.... profit, as the Internet nerds today like to say.

Actually, the winner gets tickets to the April 5 premiere of "The Reston Story."

We borrowed a friend's copy of MS Paint fancy cellular telephone camera and got a bit into the selfie spirit ourselves:


We'll be waiting for our tickets and complementary popcorn, the end.


  1. Losers get 2 tickets to the April 5 premiere of "The Reston Story.

  2. Clip #2 gave me an acid flashback. A co-worker I know actually has a tie that looks like this. Snappy.

  3. That's not quite right. It's:
    Winner gets 2 tickets to the April 5 premiere of "The Reston Story" - 2nd place gets 4 tickets. thank you folks ... thank you ... I'll be here all week.

    1. 3rd place gets 2 tickets to "The Tysons Story." 4th place gets 2 tickets to "The Herndon Story."

      Last place gets tickets to "The Sterling Story." And is forced to watch it at gunpoint.

    2. Are "The Herndon Story" and "The Sterling Story" English with Spanish subtitles or Spanish with English subtitles?

  4. Statler and WaldorfMarch 14, 2014 at 6:42 PM

    We can hardly wait.


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